Australian citizenship

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Australian citizenship

The first step in the Australian Citizenship process is to apply for the Australian Knowledge Test.
History knowledge test, tradition, values ​​and symbols of Australia consists of twenty questions in English. English.
The test is computerized and contains three mandatory questions about the obligations and privileges of Australian citizens. To pass the test, you must answer correctly 60% questions (i.e.. 12 questions), including all three questions on the rights and obligations of Australian citizens.

For tests passed in Australia, results will be communicated to applicants immediately upon completion of the test.
Persons, who pass the test will be informed about the method of submitting the application.
Persons, who fail the test will find out from which department their knowledge turned out to be insufficient. Persons, that failed the test, they can approach him again.

Almost all applicants are required to take the test.
The exception is:
– people below 18 age – people above 60 age – people with significant damage to the organs of hearing, speech or sight – Persons suffering from permanent physical or mental disabilities, which makes it impossible to understand the citizenship application being submitted – children of former Australian citizens or children of Australian citizens born in Papua before September 16, 1975 – stateless persons born in Australia.

Ceremony – taking an oath
The final stage of the process is taking the oath during the citizenship ceremony.
At the moment of taking the oath, the applicant obtains the status of an Australian citizen, as evidenced by the Certificate of Citizenship.

The text of the oath is as follows:

From this time forward, under Good,
I pledge my loyalty to Australia and its people,
Whose democratic beliefs I share,
Whose rights and liberties I respect,
And whose laws I will uphold and obey.