Bengali cuisine

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Dear reader, hello cordially! Staying in the circle of culinary experiences, I invite you to get to know Bengali cuisine, famous for its palette of dishes consumed according to the established etiquette, which delight with taste, craftsmanship as well as safe for health and not a challenge as in the case of fugu fish.

The rice hill is adorned with the vegetable garden.

The travel blog found out, that Bengali cuisine, that is, the people of India living in the state of Bengal is light and, most importantly, healthy. The dishes are prepared with sensitivity, in the correct order and observing order on the plate. One of the important products that must not be missing is rice heaped in the form of a hill with an accompanying dal, i.e. a sauce of lentils or peas combined with heavily seasoned fried vegetables. The view of these healthy dishes encourages consumption, which is about the delicate combination of individual ingredients so that the rice is not too insistently absorbed by the other ingredients, and only gently touched. Once you've eaten, it's time for the next culinary experience for your taste buds, which are the flowers of the banana plant with the participation of potatoes, followed by chicken and goat dishes.

Ilisha browned in oil, bathed in oil.

Rivers leading to the Bay of Bengal irrigate agricultural land and thus provide food for the inhabitants, as well as Bengali's favorite freshwater fish. One of the fish served by the Bengali cuisine is the ilish surrounded by mustard oil with an appropriate dose of spices, sometimes served not alone, and with the assistance of potatoes. It is completely safe for health and you do not need to show courage to eat it as it is when tasting fugu fish..

The queen rides onto the table- cheese ball.

So it's time for sweets, and the travel blog has seen what delicacies will assist rosogouli, that is, a cheese ball wrapped in syrup, like a stola. The specialties of Bengali cuisine also include cookies with a pistachio or butter flavor and miniature pancakes stuffed with coconut. Paisha cannot be missing, that is rice overcooked in milk with the addition of cardamom and a bunch of raisins, and it's all decorated with cashew nuts.

Etiquette is adhered to in the art of consumption.

Avoid hurry when eating Bengali dishes, sudden and nervous gestures should be avoided. The trick is subtle, precise, balanced combination of each of the dishes so that the hands of the feasting party are as little dirty as possible. You could say, that at that time the consumer seems to pass a test of good manners, and how it turns out depends on whether he diligently complied with the applicable rules.

Dear and Dear Reader, thank you very much for today's "meeting" on the travel blog. Just as the world is full of diversity of nations, so each of them has his own mores, traditions, language and richness of culinary tastes. Some are a real challenge like eating fugu, and others served by Bengali cuisine can be enjoyed without fear, ale lepiej zawsze pamiętać by zachować umiar :-) .

kurczak maślany w towarzystwie śnieżnobiałego ryżu

Commentary to the attached photo.

The attached photo shows one of the many traditional Indian cuisines including Bengali, or butter chicken accompanied by snow-white rice.