Ostrowo - the neighborhood and attractions

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Ostrowo - the neighborhood and attractions.

Ostrowo - is one of the youngest holiday resorts at the Polish seaside. She gained her fame, when it ceased to be part of the city of Władysławowo and became an independent unit. It is located in the Pomeranian Voivodeship, in the Puck poviat on the Czarna Woda River and only a short distance away 1 kilometer from the Baltic Sea. Due to such an excellent and picturesque location, it has gained recognition among tourists in recent years. Its accommodation base was established at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries, therefore it is extremely developed and modern. Many private accommodation here, guesthouses and holiday centers provide visitors with comfortable accommodation.

Ostrowo is also the Coastal Landscape Park, where we can admire all types of coast characteristic of the southern Baltic Sea: low floodplain coasts, dune and cliff with ravines. As part of the park, there is also the Bielawskie Błota nature reserve, which includes two more: Wax maker from Bielawski Błota and Moroszek from Bielawski Błota. The name comes from woolen women and their white down. Cotton woolen flowers bloom here every year in May. In the reserve, we can see, among others, cranes and other birds, which stop here during their wanderings. There is also an educational and walking path here.

The town is very eagerly visited by you, who, above all, dream of relaxing by the sea in peace and quiet. They can easily find it here, because Ostrowo is a very peaceful place, completely different from popular resorts. We'll find a beautiful one here, a wide and sandy beach and as many as two sea bathing areas. Undoubtedly, the area also adds charm to the mouth of the Czarna Woda river. If we would like to spend our time a bit more actively, it is worth going on a trip to nearby towns. In Ostrów itself, we can see a historic 18th-century cottage and admire the surroundings from a wooden observation tower. There is a horse stud in nearby Parszyce. We can also go to Jastrzębia Góra, to admire the local cliff coast. If we are interested in historical objects, we absolutely should go to Krokowa and visit the palace and museum there. A bit further there is the well-known Żarnowiec with a church in it, monastery and the beautiful Żarnowieckie Lake.