Zakopane - the mountain climate of the Tatra Mountains

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Zakopane - the mountain climate of the Tatra Mountains.

What we associate Zakopane with? Of course with the mountains! And rightly so. Zakopane is a great starting point for all Tatra trails. From here, we can hike along the Tatra peaks, admiring the amazing charm of the area. Stronger and more skilled ones may be tempted to enter Czarny Staw, Morskie Oko. Those most prepared may decide to climb Giewont, or even Rysy. And for less skilled tourists, but eager for adventures and attractions, a funicular railway is waiting, which will take us straight to the top of Gubałówka. As you can see, being physically fit is no excuse! Everyone can admire the mountains, regardless of age or level of advancement. Zakopane, however, is not only about routes. There are many places here, worth visiting, while in the city. Primarily, it is difficult to imagine a trip to Zakopane without a stroll around the famous Krupówki Street. Here we can buy souvenirs, which will remind us of a wonderful stay in a mountain town.

It is worth visiting the Tatra Museum. Dr. Tytus Chołubiński. It is a very old museum, one of the oldest in Poland. We can learn a lot of interesting facts about the mountains from it, national park, as well as Zakopane itself. It is also a source of knowledge about highlander folklore, known and cultivated all over the world. The museum also has an exhibition of works by local artists, inspired by the beauty of the surrounding peaks, towering over the entire neighborhood. It is impossible to pass by these works indifferently. There are also other museums and art galleries in Zakopane, each of them is unique and worth visiting.

Zakopane is a city with a rich sporting tradition. Ski jumping competitions are held here, attracting crowds of people from all over the world. It's impossible to see it all in one, and even in a few days, Therefore, it is worth booking cozy accommodation. Zakopane has a lot of them on offer, the accommodation base includes hundreds of accommodation places, so for sure everyone will find something for themselves. The traditional ones enjoy the greatest interest, characteristically built, wooden huts in a highlander style. And, of course, oscypek! Who doesn't know this mountain goat cheese flavor, smoked, with a slightly salty taste of mountain wind? It is a real delicacy, even for the discerning cheese gourmets.