Nearby attractions Sarbinowo

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Nearby attractions Sarbinowo.

Sarbinowo enjoys great interest among tourists in the summer season. Beauty, wide beach, fresh sea air and a long walking promenade makes, that everyone wants to spend a vacation in this charming town, Therefore, it is worth booking your accommodation in advance, for example using the accommodation facilities on the Internet.

While relaxing in Sarbinowo, you must see the neo-Gothic church of 1856 year with a high tower and beautiful stained glass windows, as well as the fisherman's hut z 1870 year, which was erected using the bolt technique. For lovers of sunbathing, there is a long and wide beach along, which has a promenade with many restaurants, cafes and fish bars. Tourists can try seaside delicacies here, buy original souvenirs and enjoy the beautiful sea view. On the other hand, hiking enthusiasts can use numerous hiking and bicycle routes.

When spending your vacation in Sarbinowo, it is also worth visiting the nearby towns.. While in Gąski, you should see the lighthouse, which was built at the end of the 19th century and is the third largest lighthouse on the Polish coast. After defeating 190 winding stairs, we can see a picturesque view of the sea from it and you can see Sarbinowo, Chłopy, Mielno or Unieście. In Gąski it is also worth seeing the Sea Palace from the second half of the 19th century, which is surrounded by a historic park with beech trees, cypresses and silver maples. Currently, it serves as a holiday center, which offers approx 90 beds, as well as a conference room. On the other hand, in Chłopy, remote 7 km from Sarbinowo, it is worth seeing old fishing huts with a typical half-timbered structure from the 20th century. Sarbinowo is an ideal base for exploring nearby towns.