Jothi - little big man part II

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Hello everyone and invite you to the next edition of the meeting with our heroine from India, with the luminous name Joti!
Travel today will bring you to an informative meeting with the sadhus, you will get to know their life philosophy, a także dowiecie się o marzeniach Dżoti.

If you don't know who Jothi is - go to the first part of the story -Jothi - little big man

Audience with sadhus and a journey into oneself.

During one of the conversations with the girl's parents, sadhu widząc ich twarze spowite w smutku, visualized them, that they have good karma and bad karma. It really depends on them which one they choose and appreciate.

For if they recognize that theirs dziecko jest ciężarem, then they will only contribute to the aggravation of bad karma and subsequent misfortunes. But when they believe, że ich the baby is unique and a real gift, they will only get good karma and peace of mind. From then on, parents firmly believe that Joti is their true blessing.

A journey in search of help.

Together with the travel blog, we irresistibly follow the further fate of Joti. This time, the parents decided to take advice offered by conventional medicine, and set off on the long journey to the hospital. After the skeleton X-rayed, however, the medics had no good news. Badania wykazały że oba złamania kości nie zrosły się i wytworzyły się tzw. pseudo-ponds, Fortunately, they do not cause such severe pain but require urgent surgery. Since then, the doctors have been trying to persuade the parents, that they consent to the child's surgery, which will involve the removal of pseudo-joints and the use of metal reinforcements. After reflection, the parents do not give their consent because none of the doctors assures them about 100 % successful operation, because no one can give them such a guarantee.

Meeting the healer.

After leaving the hospital, Joti's relatives try to get another piece of advice, but this time they are going on a trip to the provinces. They meet there with a local healer, who uses the natural gifts of nature to compress both limbs of the child with a specific mush, then he fixes them with an elastic bandage. He claims that three such treatments will fuse the bones together. However, there is still no improvement, and in order not to raise new hopes, the whole family accepts this situation and does not want to seek help anywhere anymore. It's their choice, although the doctor informs that with time the child will walk less well and the union may eventually turn out to be impossible.

And now about Joti's dreams.

Blog travel also led us to the travel dreams of our brave heroine. For now, Joti is enjoying life, Every year, from what is known, it celebrates an ever bigger birthday. On each of them she is a real star whose desire is to be an actress of the Bollywood Film Studios in the future.! I am convinced that it is for everyone traveling in India, meeting this extraordinary girl will be a real and unforgettable lesson in humanity.

And in today's perfume corner?

Traveling around India abounds with various floral fragrances, and not only. Spices are also successfully used here in the perfume industry. But let's start with the jasmine which is a shrub or climber with large white flowers, yellow or pink. Jasmine extract itself is expensive and its flowers are used for distillation. Narcissus is also worth paying attention to, which is until 25 species and quite often supplies perfumes with its sweet, spicy-floral scent. Black pepper fruit oil is also popular, and its sharpness sharpens the depth and emphasizes the freshness of the fragrance. Amber is also appreciated(ambergis)derived from the digestive system of sperm whales, which in the perfume industry is mainly used as a fixative.

I would like to thank my dear readers for today's "meeting", and now I invite you to another trip to an interesting corner of the world.

The photo shows the famous Ganges River, so eagerly visited by the masses of people, who even earned the nickname of a saint. All with the hope of washing away sins and purifying spirit and body, they willingly plunge into its waters. Also what 12 for years, millions of people have participated in the ongoing 45 Kumbh Mela days or the Grand Pitcher Festival, to have a ritual bath both in this river and in others.