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Fiat into the world

September 28, 2006 Off

Route: Krakow-Dakar-Krakow. Driving time: 48 days. Distance: 22 118 km. Vehicle: Fiat Cinquecento 900, vintage: 1993, course: more than 300 000 km.

Wyprawa do Afryki kojarzy się zwykle z wypakowanymi po dach Land Roverami i Toyotami

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Thin from Krakow to Dakar

July 31, 2006 Off

22130 km w 48 days have passed cinquecento. Krakow crew: Jolanta Czupik and Dominik Stokłosa have already made many trips with this car. They just got back from Dakar.

Cienki's crew

Jolanta Czupik and Dominik Stokłosa, AGH UST graduates,

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Fifty of the Dakaru

June 26, 2006 Off

Krakowanie Jolanta Czupk and Dominik Stokłosa od 2003 years they travel the world… Five hundred 900. Young travelers have already visited Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, England, Pakistan, Kashmir and Iran. New challenge, which they want to meet this year, is to cover the route of Krakow- Dakar. Nowadays …

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