Dorota Suder poems

The Garden of Life.
In the garden of life
There is so much going on
Joy is intertwined
With sadness
Although it has always been
They argue strongly
To make these happy moments
There was as much as possible
By a lifetime of values
They always lasted like a rock
And they bloomed as long as possible
They were fed with love
Wrapped in sweet words
And wrapped in care
Which will give
Deep meaning
And the right direction
Ship with a flag- life.
Stop time.
Life is made up of many moments
The good ones and those about whom
We would prefer to forget
Hide it deep in the recesses of memory
Say goodbye forever
A welcome like a new day
Open the door of the heart wide
Only good
Which are sure to come
They will dry the tears, they will give you courage
And make you smile
By with a high forehead
Take a fresh look
And believe that from then on
Life can be beautiful again.
The magic of the colors of life.
Life is a juicy color palette.
And each of them in the sky
It creates a truly rainbow sign
Green color inspires hope
All those thirsty for her powers
Orange saturates with energy
And he doesn't let himself be sad
Lavender at peace
It fills with tranquility
Blue supports creative activities
And red symbolizes love
If only clean and durable
After you combine them correctly
A vibrant collage will be born
Watching over our happiness.
Free like a bird
It touches the quilt of heaven
After a while
Run down smoothly
And with the artistry of the master
Sit on the staff of the waves
Eye beads
Like onyx
They look proudly
Then she climbs slightly again
After the springboard of heaven
To possess the ether of the world
Provide proof
That life always
It will remain beautiful
And it is still worth betting
Face new challenges.
Spring awakening.
The blush of dawn
Greets every day
And nature's speech
Stream ribbon
Crickets band
They invite
To each of these moments
And nature images
Stay in your heart
As long as possible
Sink in everlasting amber
As a sign of respect and bond
With nature.
For animal lovers.
An open heart
Affectionate touch
Wet nose
And that look
Full of fidelity
Sprinkled with warmth
And friendship
Which bound
For a lifetime
We will always be
Like beads
Chained on a gold chain of time
For real values
They do not die, lead us
They keep pace
And they stay close
Just like walking for happiness
Man with a dog or a cat.
Sari draped beautifully on the girl
Tilaka- special mark on the forehead
Hands beautifully decorated with henna
Like openwork gloves
A moment more and they'll drive her to the wedding
In a rickshaw decorated with tuberose.
The essence of life.
Its all magic
It is about this
To be able to see in him
And don't overlook it
Important moments
And bright events
Embrace them with my heart
Call it by name
Like one of them
And it is
A "meeting" of related souls
For which I thank.
Three sisters of life.
Hope is interwoven in life
Like a golden thread
A ray of light
Holds, warms
And it doesn't
Go out
He opens his heart with a touch
It feeds him with its power
Her sisters
Faith and love
They help her
In tender protection of life.
Hey buddy, turn around
I'm new
I feel bad
Comfort me good morning ...
… The Good Angels saved me
They embraced their heart
Delicate like butterfly wings
They try to silence the pain
They dress my wounds
A patch of love and compassion
They say save one existence
It's like the whole world
But does the world understand us??
He feels in our position?
Losing loved ones
Sometimes we lose faith and sense
It takes time and a sea of ​​love
To feel at home again.
Solar memory.
Somewhere high in the sky
On a pouf made of clouds
The sun wakes up
It attracts sophisticatedly
And a smile
Welcomes the day
His tender hands
They gently graze
Many hearts
Which taps to the rhythm
Every sound of sunshine
And when autumn comes
Remember those tenderness
Only the sunny path of life
We will run.
When the March sun
It touches its buds lightly
Then the cherry blossom
Flaky eyelids opened
And he will look gratefully
Though his life is short
I want to be consolation
Take in your arms
By white
Flower canopy
Anyone could find
And come back here again.