Studying in secondary schools

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Studying in secondary schools

After completing primary school education, at the age of 12 years, students start their education in secondary schools.

Both periods of school activities, and holiday breaks are the same as in the case of primary schools.

High school takes four years, however, it is possible to extend the education for another one, on an optional basis 2 patch – if the student wants to continue his education and finish his education with the matriculation examination.

Unlike primary schools, subjects are already being separated in secondary schools, however, thematic blocks are still used – for example, the Science block – Science, which contains both biology, as well as physics or chemistry. Most of the items are compulsory, but there are also subjects to be chosen by the student, depending on your interests.

A characteristic element of secondary education in Australia is the movement of students depending on their academic performance – the best students are grouped together after each stage of their education, which means that with each subsequent year the composition of the classes is different and students are selected based on their grades.

There are also no textbooks in secondary schools. Scripts prepared by the teacher sometimes fulfill their role.

Occasionally, although it depends on individual schools and even teachers, students are given homework to do – mainly in the form of projects to be implemented.

During the course of study, students are assessed on the basis of tests, most often with the results as a percentage.

As in the case of primary school, a written report serves as a certificate at the end of the school year, this time, however, the reports cover individual items individually.

At the age of 15 years, the child may choose another subjects and continue education for the next two years, until you get your high school diploma. The vast majority of teenagers do. The choices made here are often very important in the future.

Studying at colleges and vocational schools

After graduating from high school, students can choose to study or continue their education in one of the two types of schools:

– TAFE or technical school / vocational study


– VET or vocational school.

Students who want to get a profession, and they do not decide to study, chooses TAFE schools. Some universities also offer such courses.

The aim of such courses is to acquire the skills necessary to practice a given profession – there are practically no subjects in science that are not related to a given professional field.

The number and variety of vocational courses is very large, and their duration ranges from several weeks to even 2-3 years.

After completing the course, the student receives a school leaving certificate, which is also proof of obtaining qualifications in a given profession.