Educational system in Australia

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Educational system in Australia

The educational system in Australia is one of the most thoughtful and organized in the world. According to research by global educational organizations and interstate organizations such as the United Nations, Australia is at the forefront of countries with the best educational systems, ahead of countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States.

Although the main assumptions, on which the Australian education system is based is very similar to the outline of the system in force in the US and other Western countries, a whole range of individual solutions, often not used anywhere else in the world makes, that each year Australia is recognized as a country offering excellent learning conditions.

In Australian education, the student is treated extremely individually. The school takes into account the individual interests of each student – and the teacher becomes a friend, which encourages the acquisition of knowledge and tries to arouse interest in the lessons – instead of the traditional method of forcing the assimilation of the material.

There are no national level textbooks in the Australian education system – most often teaching aids are prepared by the teachers themselves, who have very wide possibilities here, virtually unrestricted by law.

Of course it does, that curricula may differ from school to school, in practice, however, it does not matter, because the Australian educational system puts special emphasis on understanding school topics and the ability to search and analyze information, instead of their memory “cramming”.

Compulsory education system imposes 10 years of study, ending in age 15 years. Detailed levels of education may vary from state to state. There are both public schools in Australia – state, as well as private – both secular and ecclesiastical, the vast majority of the latter are Catholic schools.

There are generally four levels of education:
– primary school, Primary School
– high school, High School
– vocational or post-secondary school, technical school, College
– College, University