Germany – Legoland w Günzburg

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Germany – Legoland w Günzburg

In August 2011 year we went to the magical land of Lego bricks. In Germany, Legoland is located in Günzburg, located on the highway between Stuttgart and Munich. We get there without any problems, because there are signs on the motorway directing you to Legoland. Ticket prices – 38 euro for an adult and children over 12 years and 34 euro for children aged 3-11 years. In addition, there is a parking fee in the amount of 5 euro for the whole day.


Po załatwieniu biletowych formalności i zaopatrzeniu się w mapki wchodzimy
into the world of blocks 🙂
We are welcomed by amazing block sculptures: dinosaurs


Albert Einstein
and adored by Pati Bob the Builder 🙂
Initially, we are just looking at the attractions, as many of them are approved for use by children above 100 or even 120 cm tall. Pati is a bit disappointed, then measuring 98 cm.



But soon we reach the underwater world and stand in a long queue to enter.
The waiting time is made more pleasant by cute Lego people.



We finally go inside, and there our girls admire the sea life and beautiful rays.
The underwater world has many faces, even such:
Throughout the building, you can see unusual block creatures and people.


Patrysia even found an entrance to one of the aquariums 🙂
After watching the sea world, we get to the world of pirates associated with it.
This is where the fun begins. First, the pirate ship, targany “storm” in all directions.
Later, Pati takes part in a naval battle with Daddy.



After it, it is necessary to dry it (dryers start when thrown in 1 euro).
Meanwhile, the pirates are partying…



Moving on, we can come across views straight from the African savannah…
…and on the footprints of dinosaurs.
We reach the great, lookout tower.


It offers a beautiful view of Legoland and its surroundings.


Later, we turn into gold prospectors.


We manage to bring out a large hill and the girls receive a gold medal 🙂
Walking further, still facing great, block characters.


Teddy bear carousel, spinning at a dizzying pace.
Pati turns into a knight and on the way he defeats the evil witches with a lance.
And then it turns into a tiger (face painting is payable).
Later, he gets a Legoland driving license.
And he goes on a long voyage with his dad 🙂
During this time, Gabi and I admire the area:


Yet “flight” by plane…
And we reach breathtaking places.


The Netherlands:
Port of Hamburg:


Allianz Arena:





Zamek Neuschwanstein:
It's amazing, what things can be made of Lego bricks. Most of them genuinely swims and drives,and even rises into the air.





And finally, the world of Star Wars awaits us.







You really need to see and enjoy all the attractions of Legoland 2 – 3 days. We will definitely go there again, when our little daughters are bigger.
Wszelkie niezbędne informacje można znaleźć na stronie Legolandu, which is in German and English. Polecam zwłaszcza interaktywną mapę , na której można pooglądać większość dostępnych atrakcji 🙂
And for those interested – the exact location of Legoland.
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