Lavender heart of Provence

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Hello Dear Readers! I hope that you will not miss a visit today in the company of a travel blog to France and Provence, so saturated with its peculiar beauty.

The very idea of ​​traveling across Europe to such a picturesque corner of the world already evokes heart-pleasing emotions, and with those who were there, dodatkowo ciepłe i zapewne nostalgiczne wspomnienia. Ta położona na południowym wschodzie kraina jest wzruszająco piękna i urzeka prawdziwym wysypem fioletowych barw, among which the ocher yellows emphatically ask for your attention, while the nostrils of this famous herbal trio are pleasantly irritating: rozmaryn, savory and thyme.

Dzięki blogowi podróżniczemu możemy wspomnieć o Provence, a place eagerly visited by crowds of tourists, because it offers a feast not only for the eyes but also food for the spirit, przynosząc błogie ukojenie. Dopełnieniem krajobrazu są malownicze wioski położone na skalistych wzgórzach wraz z ich mieszkańcami, who are famous for their sincere courtesy and hospitality as well as commitment to the cultivation of tradition.

Gospodarze zajmują się głownie rolnictwem i z pietyzmem pielęgnują sadownicze ogrody. Podążając utartymi ścieżkami blogu podróżniczego nie sposób nie zwiedzić Provence, której jakże wymownym symbolem są wytrwale kwitnące pola lavender, tempting with their intense color and fragrance. Its scent covers the entire space, Floats, it reaches and affects all senses, and in poets or painters it may stimulate their creative spirit.

Lavender marriages

Japończycy skrycie wierzą że zawarcie związku małżeńskiego w towarzystwie tysięcy lavender"Witnesses" and under the "canopy" of their smells, it will bring undying happiness, and therefore they are eager to come to this place to make a promise of love and fidelity. Zatem warto bliżej poznać dzięki blogowi podróżniczemu tę sławetną lavender, after all, it has many advantages, at least its subtle color and how graceful smell. For whoever has seen the richness of her beauty once, this one will soon long to see her again, or invite you to stay at home. To make it possible, you can find its prominent place in the pot and enjoy the view, or evoke its scent on the body, previously hidden in the soap or perfume bottle it decorates.


Lavender jest traktowana jak bylina a prawdę mówiąc należy do rodziny półkrzewów( bushes ). It is a transitional form between a shrub and a herbaceous plant.
Its "roots" come from Persia and the Canary Islands and it was brought to France from the Apennine Peninsula. Initially, it was cultivated by the ancient Romans who, over time, fell in love with its charming scent, and quickly accepted her company during the ablution and her scent enveloped their washed clothes. Jej atuty zyskały także sławę na świecie gdyż urodziwe kwiaty stanowią cenne źródło olejków aromatycznych (ethereal). Importantly, when obtaining them, the hydrolate is obtained in the form of light flower water. This water has a small amount of oil within it, along with the accompanying part of the flora. All of these precious flower resources, at a pH similar to that of human skin, can be successfully used in the preparation of tonic or eau de parfum, to do his duty from now on and to provide refreshment and refreshment to its owners.

Caution! the travel blog also reports that lavender posiada nieocenione właściwości calming and calming a jej zapach jej korzystnie wpływa na ciało i umysł.

W sukurs bowiem przychodzi osobom struggling with migraine, jak również z balsamiczną łagodnością działa na skołatane i rozedrgane nerwy oraz spowalnia rytm serca czasami zachowującego się jakby biegło w maratonie. Thus, the consensus of its numerous properties comes down to doing good for the body and the inherent spiritual sphere, which in fact facilitate the regeneration of the body with the desired and expected health benefit.


This photo captures the wonderful richness of the lavender fields. Please pay attention to the unusual color and its saturation. Wrapped in fragrant lavender fields are very common in French provinces such as Provance. Are they not a real feast for the eye and a relief for the soul?