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Rijeka, located 126 km south of Ljubljana, is the largest Croatian commercial port. Although there are some lovely places here, the city gives the impression that its soul has escaped after the recent war. The pedestrianized main street of Korzo is very nice, as well as a colorful market.

Rijeka was founded on the site of a former Roman settlement. It was transformed into a large port city in the 12th century., and the Habsburgs gave it the sixteenth century. the status of a free city. This status lasted until 1919 r., when Italian fascist troops entered the city. Rijeka was incorporated into Croatia after World War II.


The bus station is located at Trg Żabica, near the Capuchin Church in the city center. If there is no room in the luggage storage room at the bus station (5.30-22.30), you can use the storage room at the train station (open 24 hours a day) at Kreśimirowa Street, 7 min on foot west of the bus station. Jadrolinija ferry terminal (there is no left luggage office) it lies within walking distance from the bus station, towards the east.

Korzo runs through the city center towards the rushing river Rjećina, which once marked the border between Italy and Yugoslavia (both are the Italian name of the place – River, and Croatian – Rijeka means the river). Do 1918 r. Rijeka was the main port of Hungary. W 1919 r., when Italy took over Rijeka from Austria-Hungary, The nearby Suśak became the main port of Yugoslavia. Both cities merged, when the whole area came under Yugoslav control after World War II.


Information is available from Kvarner Express (Adriatic Square) not far from the bus castle and the Tourist Association of the Municipality of Rijeka (Use 2, tel.213145).

Auto-Club Rijeka (Top up 11, tel.12442) helps motorized tourists.

Money Money can be exchanged at Croatia Express on 1 train station platform (pn.-sb. 7.00-21.00, nd. 8.00-21.00).

The currency exchange office is located at the main post office, located opposite the old town tower. If it's closed, there are many people standing around the post office anyway, who willingly exchange money at bank rates.

Post and telecommunications – The call center is located at the main post office in Korzo (codz. 7.00-21.00). Country code for Rijeka: 051.

Tourist agencies – American Express is represented by the Atlas travel agency (tel.271032) located in the Hotel Kvarner, in nearby Opatija.

Jadroagent office (Ivan Kobler Square 2, tel.211276) provides information and sells tickets for all ferry connections.


Contemporary Art Gallery (Dolac 1, closed. nd. i pn.) is located on the first floor of the Public Library building. The Maritime Museum and the National Revolution Museum (both closed. nd. i pn.) they stand side by side with the Zrtva phasism 18, near the city center. Bullet holes in the wall of the Maritime Museum, the former governor's palace with 1893 r., are testimony to Rijeka's turbulent history. The hair poet Gabrielle d'Annunzio stopped in this building, which in 1919 r. at the head of several thousand volunteers, he took the city by storm, which led to the shift of the Italian border eastwards to the Rjećina River.

If you have time, you can visit Trsat Castle (closed. pn.) erected on a high hill, from where there is a view of Rijeka and the canyon of the Rjećina River. Currently, the castle houses a stylish restaurant. There are two ways to get to the castle: accessible by bus #1 from Fiumara or go out after 559 stairs, starting at the hatch next to Banka Rijeka, at the northern tip of Titov Trgu. Dating from the 13th century. the castle belonged to the princes of the Frankopan family in the Middle Ages. W XIX w. it was completely rebuilt by the Austrian Deputy Marshal Laval Nugent. There is also a Franciscan monastery on the Trsat hill (with 1453 r.).


Private accommodation

Kvarner Express (tel.213 613) at the Adriatic Square 3 and Autotrans Turist Biro on Riva 20, right behind the bus station (pn.-sb. 7.30-15.00), have private accommodation included in the price 13 $ i 18 $ for a single and double room, with 30% surcharge for a stay shorter than 3 days. Rarely you can get single rooms, and it happens too, that there are no vacancies at all.


The cheapest hotel is the 14-storey Neboder Hotel C category (Strossmayer 1, tel.217355), it is one block away from the Kontinental Hotel. The price is for a single room- and a double with private bathroom is 27 i 44 $ .

Huge Kontinental B category hotel (A.K. Bear 1, tel.216477) has single rooms- and doubles with bathrooms in prices 44 i 53 $. Kontinental was built in 1888 r. and restored only in 1989 r. Added to all official accommodation prices is 1,50 $ per person per day as part of the tax.

Hotel Bonavia (tel.333744) category A is located in the very center, rooms one- and doubles with private bathroom cost here 54 i 67 $.


An alternative to accommodation in Rijeka is a stay in Delnice, lying in the distance 44 km east of Rijeka, on the way to Zagreb. 13 km northwest of the town is the Risnjak National Park, the area guarantees a great rest. Next to the bus station and approx. 200 Hotel Risnjak is situated meters from the train station (tel.812261). He has it 20 rooms at prices 16 i 27 $ for one room- and a double room with shower and breakfast included in the price. Most of the international trains from Rijeka stop in Delnice.


The Restoran Index is located between the train and bus stations (Kreśimirova 18) – not expensive, partially self-service restaurant.

The restaurant Riblji Restoran Zlatna Skoljka at Korzo is much more expensive 34/36, which specializes in seafood dishes.

The Express Fast Food Bar is located on Riva 14, near the Jadrolinija office (otw. 7.00-21.00).


At the Ivan Zajc National Theater (with 1885 r.) mainly Croatian dramas can be watched, but sometimes there are also opera and ballet performances. The ticket office is open every day except Sundays.

Cultural events also take place on the Belveder stage in the Dom Sindikata by Franco Belukmcia, Kreśimirova 4, right next to the crossing between the bus and train stations. Performances of the Rijećka Cabaret can be watched every Saturday by Fr. 21.00.

It's also worth checking out, what is happening in the Hrvat Cultural House, Strossmayer 1, right next to the Neboder hotel.

Club Palah is located on the avenue, which is reached through a small passage next to the Rijećka Banka building at Trgu P. Togliattija (codz. from 20.00). It is nice, unpretentious place, where you can have a drink and dance.

The best disco in Rijeka is Quorum Colors next to Preluk Autokamp, between Rijeka and Opatija (in winter Fri. i sb. 21.00-4.00, in summer every day).

The best films can be seen at the Fenice cinema, Top up 13.

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