Ryba fugu

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Find out why fugu fish, is a real life culinary challenge for people who like to take risks and want to experience something extreme.

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It was fitting to say, that all paths go to Japan, because again, together with a travel blog, we will visit this unique country in many respects, if only because of the brave decision of the natives to eat fugu fish, which for the less fortunate may be the last meal of this earthly valley.

Degustatorami ryb innych niż ryba fugu są także Yonomami- forest people from the Amazon rainforest.

Balloon-shaped fish at great risk.

This inconspicuous fugu fish resembling an inflated balloon, is a real life culinary challenge for people who like to take risks and want to experience something extreme. The whole danger is in her internal organs, i.e.. in the liver and ovaries, which contain large amounts of poison that can knock your horse down.

A man can pay for his life by consuming eight decagrams of fugu liver or even less. In Japan, it is officially forbidden to serve poisonous guts of fugu fish, but those willing can find places like this to experience culinary risks, which, if they survive, can boast of this fact to their friends. Of course, everyone takes responsibility for their own lives!

To prepare a dish, you need professional knowledge.

The travel blog found out, that in Japan, only specialized restaurants can frame it, serve the fugu fish. Before that, however, it is required to obtain a special state certificate, necessary to pass a strict exam and take to heart and follow strict regulations.

They don't have such problems ”Yonomami- forest people from the Amazon rainforest ”for whom fish are one of the main meals, the consumption of which does not endanger their lives. Usually, sashimi is prepared from fugu, and they are thin slices arranged in the form of a fan on a colorful plate, accompanied by sauce and other culinary additions. interesting fact is, that in Kyoto it is possible to eat fugu soup.

Old methods of saving after a fish meal.

In the past, after eating the poisoned part of the fugu fish, the victim was taken to the seaside to places where the waves were strongest., so that their impact on the chest, reminiscent of today's heart massage, stimulates the body to decompose the poison faster. Nowadays, when we witness a similar story, which would be best if not, worth it until the arrival of the medical team, compress the poisoned person's chest regularly. Such situations need not be afraid of eating non-life-threatening fish, Yonomami- forest people from the Amazon rainforest.

A corner of perfumes in the atmosphere of Japan.

The narcissist is notable, and his family covers up 25 plant species and which supplies the perfume industry with its aroma. Pepper also has undoubted advantages, more precisely the oil obtained from it. Patchouli cannot be omitted either, whose height reaches up to 1 meters, and its leaves hide a truly wood aroma, touched with a note
camphor and directing thoughts towards the beauty of nature.

Dear Reader, thank you very much for today's "meeting". From today's article it follows, that our life is full of choices, and our precious health and life sometimes depends on whether we do the right thing!


Ryba fugu
Commentary to the attached photo.
This photograph shows a fugu fish, and although its innocent appearance does not raise any disturbing associations, there is a danger within it, but in truth no one tells anyone to eat it.