Summer vacation in Darłowo

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Summer vacation in Darłowo.

June is the month, in which most of us already have a summer vacation planned. However, there are also such, who leave such matters at the last minute. There are many advantages to this approach, because in the case of holidays organized by travel agencies, you can negotiate a very bargain offer. However, in the case of organized holidays, you have to take into account the fact, that it may not be easy to find accommodation. Darłowo, however, is open even to latecomers. Numerous hotels, guesthouses and private apartments have made, that over the last few years a collection of accommodation facilities tailored to the customer has been created here. Not only the accommodation base makes this wonderful city attractive.

Both in terms of nature, both historic and historic, the city offers many attractions. Sailors will find here a wonderful and modern port for themselves, and lovers of relaxing in the sun - wonderful, wide beaches with beautiful sand characteristic for the Polish coast and unforgettable sunsets. In turn, picky, Tourists looking for refined aesthetic impressions will find tourist attractions and monuments here.

There are also many cyclical events in Darłowo, events that attract tourists, such as, for example, a fishing competition in the open sea, where participants fish for cod on board. This is where the Baltic Media and Art Festival or the Darłowo Scandinavian Film Festival is held every July.. In summer, tourists can try cruises such as excursions on stylized historic ships, which are a real attraction not only for children, but also for adults.

Fishing enthusiasts, on the other hand, can take advantage of the offer of cruises for anglers and check their abilities and skills in sea waters once a year.. On the other hand, for tourists focused on round trips and visiting the closest vicinity of Darłowo, a cruise to the Danish island of Bornholm was launched once a week.. Apart from the events in the area, Darłowo has a wonderfully adapted port and cruises for tourists, among which it is impossible to ignore St. Mary's Church, town hall, St.. Gertrude or the Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes.