The nas

We are young, dynamic people. Our passion is traveling.

What we value most in life is freedom and the ability to go beyond the rigid framework of conventions and prohibitions. We are looking around urgently, we explore and feel the world around us. During our journey we experience gusts of heart, boundless emotions, states of extreme euphoria, insane laughter, deep sorrow, boundless longing and seething rage.

We are absorbed by places that are particularly difficult to access. We are happy to be able to move around the world relatively freely on four or two wheels. The greater the self-denial and inconvenience the goal becomes, the more fun and satisfaction for us, but the act of travel itself is almost childish, unfettered openness to people, realities and customs.

We are people of great dreams. Willingness to discover, experiencing new impressions, that while implementing new projects, we constantly set new ones for ourselves, more ambitious goals. And so for several years.