Toruń - a delightful city

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Toruń - a delightful city.

Toruń is a city, which is associated with history. However, it is worth knowing, why Toruń is a city worth visiting and what exactly is worth seeing in it. There are quite a few such places here - one can go as far as to say, that there are so many interesting places in Toruń, that it is difficult to visit them in a few days. Toruń's advantage is its location. As one of the few cities in Poland, it lies on two rivers. The first one is Wisła, the second is Drwęca. Location on the Vistula River, gives Toruń a specific charm. The regions on the Vistula are very charming, they can be places for walks, a place for sports, from running to cycling. However, this is one of the advantages of Toruń.

The Old Town is more important. Each, who will come to Toruń, cannot omit this place. The old town is worth visiting, take a walk on it, get to know this place thoroughly. It is quite extensive and it is worth seeing all of it - not only the most popular market, but also a series of streets, which are just as cute. Not everyone knows, that the Old Town of Toruń has been completely inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list. This decision has its justification. Anyone can find out about it, who will see this place. You have to admit it at the beginning, that it looks a bit gray, too monumental. However, it is enough to get to know this place better, to find out, that this impression is real and positive. Toruń is a city, worth spending a few days in. It is undoubtedly not a tourist town like mountain or seaside resorts, that's why the accommodation base here is different than usual in such places. There are no rooms for rent in private homes, however, we will find many others, interesting places to stay. The atmospheric accommodation of Toruń consists of various types of hotels, SPA centers and similar places, where you can sleep in good conditions. It is difficult to evaluate the city of gingerbread as a tourist destination, however, it is definitely a city worth seeing. Regardless of whether we will be passing through this area, whether we decide to visit only this city - it's worth going for a walk to see the Old Town, areas on the Vistula River and other local beautiful regions. A visit here will certainly be successful.