City Hall in Lwówek Śląski

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City Hall in Lwówek Śląski.

Each, who is going to the vicinity of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship should go to Lwówek Śląski. It is a very unusual town, which tourists eagerly choose when visiting these areas, and some people appreciate it so much, that it is for them even the destination of their holiday rest. Thanks to this, the tourist and accommodation base in this place is on an increasingly higher level.

The place, to which everyone should direct their steps is, for example, the Town Hall. Its history is quite long and winding, for this reason, it is worth reading it without a doubt. The first seat of councilors in this city was the Merchants' House in the 13th century, which was erected thanks to Bolesław Rogatka himself. Its construction began in the second half of the fourteenth century, in fact, activities aimed at rebuilding the existing Merchants' House have begun, on the representative building of the town hall itself. While this work was being done, in the bench room itself, a cross vault with a compass diagram was taken care of. In turn, over the years 1503-1504 it was decided to build a tower from the western part, as well as other rooms in the form of, for example, prison dungeons, the archive of the pew or the torture chamber. Additionally, in the year 1588 a clock is mounted on the tower. Its present appearance is due to the work that has taken place over the years 1902-1905. During the war, the town hall was largely burnt down, however, it was rebuilt in a year 1958 Moreover, by the decision of the provincial conservator of monuments, it was entered in the register of monuments. Nowadays, the town hall is not enough, that it is the seat of municipal authorities, it additionally serves as the Registry Office, as well as not only the library, but also the Historical and Museum Institution in Lwówek Śląski.