Universities and colleges

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Universities and colleges

The vast majority of universities in Australia are public universities. Only 2 out of 39 the universities operating in this country are private ones.

Education in higher education is paid, order costs should be reckoned with 15 thousand AUD, and in some cases this amount may be even many times higher.

The prerequisite for admission to studies is a high school diploma and a minimum completed 12 years of study. It happens very often, that for admission to a specific field of study, the grades of the most important subjects must be higher than 90 percent. So the decisive factor is the certificate competition.

The academic year at an Australian university runs from March to November, between semesters, students have a break of several weeks at their disposal, the length of which depends on the specific university.

Education in higher education consists of two stages:

– undergraduate, which usually includes 3 years of study, to the maximum 6 years in some cases, and completion of this type of studies gives education comparable to the Polish bachelor's degree;

– postgraduate, advanced studies most often in the form of a research project, these studies are rarely selected – most often, young people complete university education at the bachelor's level and start their professional career.