Varazdin – Plitvice

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Varazdin, located between Zagreb and Lake Balaton, is a nice town with some baroque churches and a medieval castle, which now houses the city museum. All this can be visited in a few hours.

Turistięka Agencija at the railway station (pn.-sb. 8.30-20.30) exchanges traveller's checks, sells international train tickets and arranges accommodation in private accommodation. None of them are located near the station, to be sure, but in the distance, which can be overcome on foot. You can also stay overnight in Pansion Maltar (Presernova 1) in front of the expensive Turist hotel, between the train station and the bus station. The prices are there 27 i 53 $ for one room- and double.

Trains from Zagreb to Varazdina (110 km) they leave every few hours, and from Varazdin to Nagykanizsa in Hungary (72 km, 6 $) there are two local trains that do not require reservation. Luggage storage room at the railway station is open 24 hours a day.

Varazdin's bus and train stations are on opposite sides of the city. They run from Varażdin 3 buses daily to Zagreb, 6 to Maribor, 1 to Rijeka, 2 to Lubiana, 2 do Nagykaniza, po 1 to Stuttgart, Munich and Vienna.


The Plitvice National Park is located halfway between Zagreb and Zadar. On the area 19,5 ha of wooded hills is located here 16 turquoise lakes connected by waterfalls and cascades. The mineral-rich waters carve new paths in the rock, creating at the same time ever changing limestone forms. The wooden bridges can be wandered all the way 18 km along the banks of lakes and streams, in the roaring water. Swimming is allowed in several lakes. You pay to enter the park 10 $ (students 5 $), but for the price you can stay here as long as you like.

It was in Plitvice that the Yugoslav civil war began. 31 brand 1991 r. The Serbs occupied the park management building. Josip Jović, a policeman who was murdered by them on this Easter Sunday, was the first victim of the conflict. When in August 1995 r. the Croatian army recaptured the park, turned out, that nature emerged from hostilities unscathed, but only ruins remain of the hotels.


Kolana campsites are located near the Park (right on its border) and Grabovac (tel.442448); kemping Korenica (tel.432152) is a bit further, in the town of Barje. At the time of writing the guide, the only fully operational hotel was Bellevue (tel.053/774015), where ones or twos cost money 30-60 $ (for a stay longer than three days is entitled to 20% discounts). Lake hotels (tel.76316) i Plitvice (tel.76522) recently they were still under renovation. Private accommodation can be difficult to find, because all the villages and towns on the edge of the park were heavily damaged during the war. Please inquire about the latest news at Hotel Bellevue or at the Plitvice National Park office in Zagreb.


There is an hourly bus to Plitvice 3 Zagreb (140 km, 3 at, 6 $), -which continues to Zadar and Split. The road from the capital to Plitvice shows the effects of the war in a very poignant way. Plitvice can be entered in one day, on the way to the coast, however, you have to remember, that buses do not take anyone standing, if they have full passengers. Luggage can be left at the tourist information center (open every day. 8.00-18.30) at the first gate to the park.