Arabica coffee from the plantation in Arusha - Tanzania

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Kawa arabica nazywana jest black gold, because it brings enormous income.
Do you know, that he is working on the Arabica coffee plantation in Arusha 3 you women?
What is the situation of women in Tanzania, what are the working conditions on the plantation?

Po zwiedzeniu parków narodowych Tanzanii następnym ciekawym miejscem w Tanzanii, which the travel blog drew attention to is Arusha, which is 1,5 metropolis with a population of one million, famous for its best plantation in the world kawy arabica.

Only women are employed at the Arabica coffee plantation

Plantacja kawy Arabica w Arusza nazywa się wymownie Burka (The burqa is also a kind of tight headgear for Muslim women, where the eyes are covered with a densely woven mesh and the rest of the body is covered with an abaya).

Na tejże plantacji only women are employed, and there are as many of them 3 thousands. We know how difficult it is to find a job in Africa and that is why every earning opportunity is very valuable. Women in the hard work of collecting coffee are accompanied by children who are as charming as ever, those almost several years old are trying to help themselves, a całkiem malutkie słodko śpią w kangach (they are wide scarves) slung over the back.

The situation of women in Tanzania

W Tanzanii sytuacja kobiet jest wciąż ciężka, because ich prawa nie są respektowane, their access to education and medical care is not being made easier. In poor and traditional communities, women lack the time and energy to be able to persistently fight for their rights, and their daily life focuses on the solid fulfillment of daily duties., how to ensure the existence and survival of the family.

The situation of women in rural areas is the worst, because the tradition of publishing very young people still lingers, only 15-year-old girls get married, who, while being children themselves, give birth to their own, six children on average. Over time, her husband marries more women, because in Tanzania a quarter of women live in polygamous marriages.

Arabica coffee from Arusha - the taste buds are moved.

Blog podróżniczy odkrył także niezwykłe właściwości smakowe kawy arabica nazywanej black gold,because it is one of the most valuable, right after crude oil, surowców na świecie i przynosi gigantyczne dochody. Smak wytwarzanej tu kawy jest wyjątkowo szlachetny i ma ostry, wyrazisty i mniej kwaskowy posmak niż kawa kenijska. Zasługę dla walorów kawy ma niewątpliwie klimat, bowiem krzewy arabiki należą do bardzo wymagających i nie lubuje im ani prażące słońce ani ulewne deszcze. Optymalną dla nich temperaturą jest ta nie spadająca poniżej 15 degrees or exceeding 30 degrees Celsius.

Coffee bushes

High altitudes also favor coffee bushes and the Arusha areas extend above 1000 above sea level and turn out to be the most suitable conditions for growth and development. In this geographical location, they are helped by the invigorating wind and ample rainfall. These favorable conditions bring truly satisfactory results in the form of much faster vegetating shrubs and plants bearing their fruit after just two and a half years., than in other regions of the country.