Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year

The Spring Festival or Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is set according to the lunar calendar - so it is a movable holiday. This year falls out 23 January.

According to legends, began with the fights with the mythical beast Nian 年 兽 (i.e.. year in Chinese). The beast used to visit the earth that day and devour food supplies and even people, especially small children. To protect my families, people put food in front of the door believing, that if Nian eats it, what they have prepared for him, it will no longer be a threat to people. They believed too, that the red color scares the beast away, because
traditionally lights up red, paper lanterns. Loud bursts of firecrackers, it is also a way to deter an intruder. For people who are not used to noise at any time of the day or night, this time is extremely tiring.

Chinese New Year is a family holiday. The Chinese are separated from their families and scattered all over the country (in pursuit of bread) and even around the world, they will do almost anything to spend this time with the family. They spend the last time on a home ticket and gifts for their loved ones, hard earned money. Statutory 7 days off (migrant workers extend their leave even to 1 month), it's not much, considering, that they sometimes need days to get home. If you run out of ticket, you can always sing near the shopping center, counting on the kindness of passers-by.

Traditionally, on New Year's Eve, the family sits down to dinner. Dishes vary by region. Christmas Eve dinner in a Chinese family resembles ours, Christmas market - lots of food and of course alcohol.

The silhouette of the Chinese dragon is a composite 9 different animals: deer horns, horse head, turtle eyes, snake neck, fish scales, eagle claws, cow ears, tiger's paws and the body of a sea serpent.

The dragon is the Chinese most desired sign of the zodiac. It is believed,
that dragons have magical powers, therefore it was a symbol of the emperor (only
the emperor could wear robes decorated with images of the dragon). Dragons are versatile and
admired for their ability to soar to the heavens and plunge into the soil
oceans. They are wise and full of vitality.

Dragon, considered by the Chinese to be the happiest of signs, and luck follows him, wherever you go. Is said to be, Year of the Dragon is good for business and all money making projects. Consequently, people born this year have a talent for making money, they attract wealth and generally enjoy financial well-being.

The dragon brings 4 Eastern blessing: wealth, power, harmony and long life.

Dragons and Dragons, get ready, this is your year!