In summer, Gniezno stands in the middle of the Middle Ages

November 1, 2018 Off By because

The turn of July and August is the time, when in Gniezno, the first capital of Poland, the Slavic Culture Festival "Royal Coronation" takes place. Therefore, when we think about a trip, especially with the family, or stopping here and visiting on your way to a holiday in one of the further corners of Poland - it will definitely be a good idea. Historical events like this, with the reconstruction of early medieval life and warfare, they have a much longer tradition. For several years, they have been graced with monumental historical shows and additional attractions, attracting tourists. Usually, on the last weekend of July, practically the entire oldest part of the city comes alive with the echoes of old times. Similar, we can feel the medieval atmosphere while visiting Bolesławiec.

On the market square and in the Cathedral Square of St.. Adalbert, there are stalls and old stalls with traditional crafts, there are shows and stagings. One cannot forget to visit the nearby Jelonek Lake at that time, where you can board a reconstructed Viking boat. The Royal Coronation in Gniezno offers two days filled to the brim with entertainment. During the day, there are performances showing the past life and rituals almost all the time, and in the evening, theatrical reconstruction, with elements of light, sound and fire dance shows, recreating these most important historical events. Every year, other independent and traveling theaters are invited to prepare it, making, that historical fidelity is often accompanied by an unusual approach.

During the two days of the event, also staged and played as tournaments of warriors are also staged, historical archery competition, demonstrations of old crafts. Also in the culinary sphere, Gniezno at this time returns to the Middle Ages - at the stands you can try old pastries and cold meats or buy traditional drinks. Games and tournaments as well as the opportunity to test themselves in medieval workshops await children and adults, falconers' shows and other interesting exhibitions. As for accommodation, There are accommodation facilities waiting for tourists around the market square and the Old Town, In summer, there are also plenty of cafes and restaurants with tables in the gardens. The relatively small area of ​​the city makes it, that it is easy to get everywhere on foot. Also the accommodation base will meet the needs of everyone, offering both elegant hotels, as well as inexpensive private accommodation.