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Sweden – the country of wild strawberries

Just over the horizon, only one night ferry journey away, there is a mysterious land. The country of the Vikings, skerries and unusual nature. look at this, what's most interesting, from monuments to landscapes. Let yourself be seduced by the beauty of Småland. Come face to face with the moose - the symbol of Sweden. Let yourself be carried away on a journey filled with attractions!

Escape from everyday life

You are hungry for sensations? That's great! Sweden will satisfy the most demanding tastes. For any adventurous wanderer, Scandinavia is a dream come true. It is an escape from a smoky civilization to the beauty of unspoiled nature. A real detachment from everyday life in a land of incredible beauty and intriguing culture.

You can experience the adventure of a lifetime without much preparation. After all, Scandinavia is very close! Sweden is only one night away by ferry from Poland. Stena Line ferries depart from Gdynia to the Swedish city of Karlskrona twice a day, and the journey only takes 10,5 hours. This is enough, to get enough sleep and prepare for the onward journey, while enjoying a sea adventure on a big ship. From Karlskrona roads lead deep into Sweden - on an expedition!

Meeting with living history

Already at the beginning of the Scandinavian route, there is a landscape of islands scattered across the sea, and on them charming Karlskrona. You will visit unique monuments here, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Kalmar is waiting several dozen kilometers away. Strolling the streets of the historic city, breathe Swedish culture and tradition. You will see the monumental Baroque cathedral from the late 17th century., preserved sections of ramparts, bastions and city gates.

Discover the secrets of a Renaissance castle, the biggest tourist attraction of the region. After visiting the inner courtyard of the castle, climb the ramparts. The hill offers a picturesque view of the Kalmar Strait and Olandia.

The sunny island of windmills

Öland is the Swedes' favorite holiday destination. It is called the "sunny island" - it creates a specific microclimate, that this piece of land has the most sunshine in Sweden during the year! There is a six-kilometer long bridge across the sea from Kalmar to the island. It is an impressive structure. Built in 1972 year, for many years it was the longest bridge in Europe.

On the island you can relax and enjoy the views. The landscapes of southern Öland have been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Picturesque Alvaret, famous oland steppes, are meadows and pastures covered with low vegetation. Seems, that the juniper bushes grow right here on the limestone rocks, piercing to the surface from under a thin layer of soil.

The symbol of Öland is visible everywhere windmills. There are about two hundred on the island! Among them are antique bock boots, which can be visited, to see, how the force of the wind was used in the past. In addition to windmills, on Öland you must visit another symbol of Scandinavia - the Karlevi runestone.

In the footsteps of the Vikings

Let an unusual runestone be the beginning of a new Swedish adventure. Follow in the footsteps of the Vikings. Learn the secrets of runic writing. Check out the magic of the runes and the fascinating Scandinavian mythology carved in the stones, scattered all over the country. Discover stone circles, that helped the dead warriors get to the realm of Odin, Walhalli.

Mysterious rock drawings from the Bronze Age are also waiting to be discovered, created approx. 2500 years ago. See Viking Age cemeteries and Sweden's first medieval churches. See for yourself, that the Vikings weren't just barbarian warriors.

Safari in Glasslands

If, in search of traces of the Vikings, you venture into the nearby forests, you will find yourself in the charming Land of Glass. This is the Swedish province of Småland - a region famous for its traditional glassworks and forests full of moose.

See the Småland glassworks, in which, under the supervision of specialists, you will create and engrave a glass travel souvenir. After your visit, it's time for a safari! Get ready to watch a moose live in Grönåsens Park. Admire the beauty of these majestic animals, which have become a symbol of Sweden.

Strawberry place

The island of Gotland and the vast expanses of forests and lakes also await travelers, all the way to the North. You can come back here many times and keep discovering yours (as the Swedes say) "Strawberry place", meaning literally "place, where wild strawberries grow ", and figuratively - favorite places. Check it out, where is your place in Sweden!