Wdzydze Lake in Kashubia

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Wdzydze Lake in Kashubia.

Borsk is a baby, inconspicuous village and because of it, probably would not be unknown to anyone, if not for its fantastic location. Borsk is located in the center of Kashubia, on Lake Wdzydzkie and right next to the Wdzydze Landscape Park and this is what the location makes, that tourists eager to relax in harmony with nature eagerly use the accommodation offer in Borsk, away from the hustle and bustle and noise of large resorts.

But Borsk has much more to offer than just idyllic landscapes, peace and quiet. A village for all guests, who visit it offers the proximity of Lake Wdzydzkie, which is one of the most beautiful lake complexes in Masuria.

Wdzydzkie Lake is a common name for five connected lakes. So the lake is formed by lakes: Wdzydze, Radolne, Gołun, Jelenie and Słupinko. These gutter basins are connected with each other in a characteristic way - they form a figure similar to a cross. There are numerous rashes on the lakes. The largest of them is Ostrów Wielki - it has an area of ​​just over 90 ha, its length is 3 km, it is an inhabited island. others, the smaller islands are uninhabited islands. The total area of ​​all the islands is over 150 ha. All dumps are habitats or breeding grounds for rare water and marsh birds, m.in.: swagger, lapwings, snipe or snipe. You are not allowed to moor on the islands, to break camps, nor light fires. The lake can boast of clean waters and excellent conditions for practicing all kinds of water sports.

The area of ​​the lake is just over 1400 ha (according to other sources 1570 ha). Its maximum depth is 68 m, and the depth is average 15.2 m. Wdzydzkie Lake is entirely located within the area of ​​the Wdzydzki Landscape Park, moreover, it is an Area of ​​Special Protection of Birds.