A lonely journey and a sense of loneliness

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A lonely journey and a sense of loneliness.

Often times people ask me if I decide to be lonely, a long and long journey, I do not feel left alone and on my own. Do I miss the closeness of people?, I can rely on in my life.
Is a lonely journey a constant feeling of loneliness??
What is loneliness anyway?
Loneliness is an emotional state that results from a sense of alienation and a lack of positive relationships with others.
She touched, it continues to touch and will affect many people. Many artists suffered from it. First, that comes to mind is Van Gogh, who portrayed her in his outstanding work The Yellow Chair. Each of the literary epochs has a theme of loneliness somewhere.
Loneliness is a smart phenomenon.
You can have a lot of people with you, friends, even friends and still be lonely. It is a very subjective phenomenon and it depends on our own approach to feel it.
For many people, loneliness is always negative. In fact, it's true. Lack of interpersonal skills, avoiding social contacts as well as low self-esteem are factors, which largely contribute to the development of chronic loneliness.
Being alone is not necessarily a series of sorrows and a pervasive apathy. This can be used and many interesting conclusions can be drawn from it.
I personally say, that every mature person needs moments, in which he will be completely alone, only with myself. Here the words of Joseph Conrad come to mind - "We live as we dream - alone."
Life is a constant rush. For some, it's a job and a career, for others, a family, and for others, a desire to go through life in an interesting way. Why not stop for a moment and think about what we actually expect from ourselves? What, like not a lonely journey, it won't make us do it the most?
When you go on a journey alone, it is not like that at all, that you are still alone. You meet new people every day - it forces you to contact and teaches you to communicate. You learn to listen carefully, you show interest in others and it becomes easier and easier for you to make contact with a complete stranger each time.
"The worst loneliness is feeling bad about yourself." - Mark Twain.
Moments, when you really are alone, it's mostly moments of reflection.
You wonder about the aspects, that hadn't even flashed through your mind before. It is in these moments that you learn to accept yourself, you think about your mistakes and you realize, that this is what life is like.
You forgive yourself for your imperfections and your self-esteem automatically grows. You start to trust yourself and you realize, that true happiness will never come to you from someone. It is you who must feel good about yourself, you have to trust yourself and know, that you are in charge of your happiness. You must be comfortable alone.
Such a journey makes you aware, that loneliness is a state of mind.
You can react negatively to it, feel sorry for yourself and blame the whole world for it. And you can approach it constructively. Think and draw conclusions.
Being alone is not bad. And traveling alone even more so.
So if we read the encyclopaedic definition of loneliness, we will realize it, that the journey will teach us everything, which will help us deal with it.