Ustronie Morskie - rest by the sea or crazy fun in the Wild West

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Ustronie Morskie - rest by the sea or crazy fun in the Wild West.

In the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, in the Kołobrzeg poviat, Ustronie Morskie is a holiday resort on the Baltic Sea, which is extremely popular on the Słowiński Coast. Its accommodation and tourist attractiveness is largely based on wonderful sea and sun bathing on an incredibly clean beach, and also offers others, unconventional leisure activities. One of them is the proposal to move to the western territories of the United States from the nineteenth and first decades of the twentieth century.

It is a perfect place for the rebellious, world-curious travelers, who appreciate alternative ways of resting. Real cowboys and Indians in the Western Park in Ustronie Morskie show how life in the Wild West functioned. Information on the hardships of everyday Indian life, Cowboys' plans and aspirations presented in a vivid way, they are popular not only among boys. Moving into the world of the Wild West, we have the opportunity to visit the village and its buildings, hear stories about cowboy and Indian culture. This place releases incredible amounts of energy due to the proposed attractions. In addition to watching cowboy duels, you can also feel like Lucky Luke - the fastest gunslinger and visit the saloon with local food, see a bank robbery. An interesting experience can be participation in a campfire in a Tipi or seeing stunt riding shows. There is a special currency here: Trzebinia dollar, thanks to which you can test yourself at the archery range, shoot the Wincheter, or throw a Tomahawk. Unforgettable Indian stories and learning their colorful dance will be appreciated by the fair sex. Great fun is guaranteed to tourists of all ages due to interesting information and a large dose of humor.

If you want to feel the atmosphere of the Wild West - you don't have to look far. It is enough to come to Ustronie Morskie to become a brave cowboy or a fearless Indian.