Australia - a paradise for divers

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Australia - a paradise for divers

For enthusiasts of diving, there is nothing better than plunging into beautiful coral reefs. Australia is a real paradise in this respect and everyone who dreams of seeing the real one, huge coral reef should come here.

The Great Barrier Reef is breathtaking and makes you feel, that Australia is becoming a true Mecca for divers.

The most important place for diving enthusiasts is Camis. There are many diving bases here, from which you can go to conquer the Great Barrier Reef.

For already experienced divers, attractions such as diving safaris await here. You can choose from various variants of this unusual entertainment: from 3-4 day trips, those who have in the program to visit Ribbon Reef and Cod Hole for longer, even weekly, during which you can see Osprey Reef.

The Great Barrier Reef impresses with its size and beauty. It consists of three thousand small reefs and up 900 wonderful coral islands, whose belt extends to 60 km. The entire reef stretches along the eastern shore of the continent, has a length of over 2000 km and can be seen from space. The Australian coral reef is also the largest barrier type reef and is therefore sometimes called the Great Barrier Reef.

Some areas of the reef count over 45 million years, despite the fact that it began to take shape fully approx. 18 million years ago. Interestingly, the development of the reef continues, because new layers of coral are constantly being created. The reef has reached its present shape to approx 2 million years ago.

Diving fans know, that the reef is primarily a basin of a huge number of animals and plants. There are about 1,500 varieties of fish in its area, five thousand varieties of molluscs, four hundred varieties of corals, ten thousand kinds of sponges, as well as five hundred varieties of seaweed. So there is something to admire!

All guides mention a variety of naturally occurring species of sharks, also the dangerous ones (such as the woobogongi shark). Among other dangerous species, you can meet scorpions - a predatory sea fish, the pricks of which are very painful, so you better avoid it, as well as a giant clatter - an extremely poisonous snake. Of course, there are many more species here, which do not pose a threat to humans, and which must be seen. These include:. in. huge ridge, movie clownfish, barakudy, snappers and many more.

The most beautiful coral reef in the world - Osprey Reef

Diving enthusiasts will surely appreciate the possibilities, of the Great Barrier Reef. Going to go diving, it is necessary to include Osprey Reef in the plan. This reef is considered the most beautiful coral reef in the world. To see it, however, you need to move a little further from the Camis diving bases, because Osprey Reef is located 350 km away. However, it is worth spending some time.

In this area, Osprey Reef is the only reef, so the entire ecosystem is centered around it. The top layers of the coral protrude above the water surface, and their walls reach out 1000 meters into the sea.

Osprey Reef is a paradise for divers, because visibility is as high here 40 meters and thus you can admire the underwater surroundings without any problems.
A real attraction on this reef is the possibility of feeding gray reef sharks on the so-called. shark feeding (specially organized feeding, where the food is thrown from the ship ). In the case of such entertainment, of course, you should be reasonable and cautious and absolutely obey the instructors, however, the impression is huge.

The heart of the Great Barrier Reef - Heron Island

Another reef worth visiting, where you can meet humpback whales (pounding with very distinctive fins) is located in the center of the Great Reef - Heron Island, which also gathered the entire ecosystem around itself. Impressive humpback whales, which are famous for acrobatics performed above the water surface, they also delight with beautiful songs - they emit very low sounds of great power, and by listening, you can hear them even from hundreds of kilometers away.

An unusual place at the bottom - the wreck of the Yongala steamer

While diving in the Great Reef area, we can come across the wreck of the Yougal steamer, who sank in 1911 years during the cyclone, who haunted the Great Barrier Reef. Killed in the steamboat crash 121 people and when visiting the wreck, we should remember about it, the wreck is a place of national remembrance.

From the time it was discovered in 1958 year, it lies completely untouched at the bottom, while being open to sightseeing by all divers, because it is located relatively shallow - from 14 do 28 meters below the water surface. Many years have passed since the disaster and the wreck was covered with a coral reef, concentrating the ecosystem around itself.

Beautiful caves – Fish Rock Cave

An interesting attraction for divers, especially caves, there is also Fish Rock Cave. To visit the cave, however, you have to go quite deep under the water - approx 23 metry. In the cave you can admire the wonderful, huge turtles, and, also appearing in Osprey Reef, gray reef sharks.