Brioni (Brijuni)

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The composition of the islands Brioni (Brijuni) there are two main islands covered with pine trees and 12 islands off the coast of Istria, northwest of Pula. Marshal Ti to had his summer residence here. He spent in it 6 months of the year, from 1949 r. until the death of v 1980 r., living on a level, which many Western capitalists could envy him. Tito accepted here 90 leaders of different countries. W 1956 r., during the meeting on the largest island of the Veli Brijun archipelago, Tito, Nasser and Nehru worked out the foundations for a joint declaration.

On the island of Veli Brijun Tito owned three palaces: Villa Jadranka, White Villa and Villa Brionka. The famous Brijuni Declaration was signed in the residence of Bilej Vil (the so-called. White House. You). Tourists can visit all three buildings. Only private apartments on the small island of Vanga are not open to the public. W 1984 r. Brijuni islands have been granted the status of a national park. It grows there 680 species of different plants, including many subtropical plants, planted at Tito's request.

Upon arrival on the islands (30 min trip by boat from Fażan) you can see two private yachts that once belonged to the leader of Yugoslavia moored in the bay. They are standing next to the marina 4 luxury hotels, where his guests once lived. The four-hour Brioni tour begins with sightseeing St.. German, which now houses a gallery of copies of medieval frescoes from various churches in Istria. Tito's exhibition in Brioni, located in another building, consists of, among others. from great photos of the Marshal with movie stars Gina Lollobrigida, Sophią Loren, Elizabeth Taylor i Richardem Burtonem, who were once his guests.

The next stage of the tour is taking a small train around the island. On the way, you pass palaces and a safari park, formerly Tito's private hunting ground. The exotic animals that live there are gifts, which Tito received from the leaders of various countries. The next stage of the trip is visiting the ruins from the 1st century. neither. a Roman villa and a not very interesting zoo. At the end, the guides quickly chase tourists through the interesting Ethnographic Museum, where you can have a look at Croatian national costumes.


Brioni National Park can only be visited with a tour. You have to take a bus from Pula to Fażan (8 km), then sign up for a trip (20 $) at the tourist service office in Brioni, standing near the marina. You should come to Fażana before 12.00, to be sure, that he would visit the park on the same day.

In the port of Pula you can also inquire about excursion boats to Brijuni. A five-hour boat trip from Pula to Brijuni may not include island tours, but only swimming around them, however, it is very enjoyable.