Saint Lucy's Day celebrations

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Burning candles resting on the head - that is, Saint Lucy's Day Celebrations. What makes it stand out and what initiates all this in today's travel blog

Dear reader, I greet you again with equal warmth in my heart! Na moment opuszczamy kraje Azji i wędrujemy na północ do Szwecji, where the local inhabitants remain faithful to the tradition of Saint Lucia's Day celebration every year. What makes it stand out and what initiates all this in today's travel blog to which I kindly invite you!

The feast comes when Saint Lucy gives light.

The travel blog got information, that Saint Lucy's Day celebrations in Sweden, or the festival of light falls on 13 of December. Podobnie jak w czasie japońskiego Święta Obon najbliżsi czczą swych zmarłych, this is how during the celebration of Saint Lucy's Day, the residents commemorate its patron Saint Lucia from Syracuse in Sicily, która za bycie wierną wierze chrześcijańskiej she died a martyr's death. This holiday came to Sweden from Germany.

The most beautiful beauty is the procession ornament.

Usually a few weeks before the celebration of Saint Lucy's Day, Swedish press organizes elections for the most beautiful girl, and the one who, according to the readers, deserves to be called the most beautiful will be the most important person in the procession. A few years ago it was always a blonde woman, but now that more and more Europeans or Africans live in Sweden, they are departing from this rule.

Dancing wrapped in white dresses.

Each country has its own individual approach to the traditions and cultivation of holidays, but there are always some similarities. For example, during the celebration of the Japanese festival of Obon, residents take part in a bon-odori which they celebrate joyfully and dancing. Similar feelings envelop the hearts of the procession of young dancing girls dressed in white costumes headed by a girl whose głowę zdobi wianek udekorowany zapalonymi świeczkami lub lub częściej z uwagi na bezpieczeństwo sztucznymi lampkami podczas obchodów Dnia Świętej Łucji. They are accompanied by boys, and they all joyfully sing in unison: "Saint Lucy comes and illuminates the darkness of the winter night", simultaneously greeting all passers-by.

The scent of the rolls rises and asks for consumption.

So let's take a look at the travel blog how the celebration of Saint Lucy's Day is honored in school and at home. To crown this sublime day, an evening procession is organized. Zanim to jednak nastąpi children in school give themselves lussekatter, and they are special baked tasty buns with saffron in the middle.
Similar treatments make children at home, who together with their mother prepare a breakfast of lussekatter and coffee. When the meal is ready, and its fragrance wafts throughout the household, then the eldest daughter takes care of her father's wake-up call and sings to him: "Saint Lucy comes and lights up the darkness of the winter night". Breakfast connects all household members, who eat them with appetite.

Saint Lucy opens time until Christmas.

Along with the celebration of Saint Lucy's Day, Sweden is in the process of preparing to celebrate the forthcoming Christmas in great steps.. The surroundings are distinguished by shimmering decorations of trees and Christmas trees, and the nearby markets offer a wide range of holiday decorations for purchase. Christmas Eve dinner is also prepared with this in Sweden, that here it is not fasting, and cold cuts are eaten. Kulminacyjnym i długo wyczekiwanym momentem głównie przez najmłodszych jest appearance with a bag of Jultomten's gifts, that is, the Swedish Santa Claus.

Sweden is the land of forests and peat bogs.

Sweden is a country with lots of woodland. Deciduous forests grow there, coniferous forests, spruces, birch forests, as well as marshes and peat bogs. peat (also called peloid, peloidem) thanks to humifying bacteria, it is largely processed. Thanks to its valuable anti-inflammatory and astringent properties, it has found a prominent place in the treatment of rheumatic diseases, on a gynecological basis as well as on internal organs. In laboratory conditions, processed peat is a raw material for the creation of various types of drugs and cosmetics. These precious gifts from Mother Nature make, that a person feels healthier, calmer and reconciled with life.

Dear Reader, thank you very much for today's meeting and valuable attention. So the saying is true, that "What country is a custom", although as I mentioned, despite the differences, you can always find a similarity in common, as in the case of Saint Lucy's Day and Obon's Day celebrations.

Obchody Dnia Świętej Łucji

Saint Lucy's Day celebrations