Modern China, the secrets of the Chinese wall

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Do you know, that every city in China has a different language?
What a bloody story is hidden in the famous Wall of China?
And why the Chinese are so eager to create brick buildings?
All this for today's journey through modern China!

Hello and I invite everyone interested to travel with my blog around China! Ostatnio opowiedziałam Wam o zwyczajach w Chinach w XIX i XX wieku, and today we will go on a journey to modern China.

About language mangle in the Middle Kingdom.

Modern China counts as many as 1,3-1,5 billion people. Traveling around the country, we can say that the natives speak a different language in each city. I tak w Pekinie mówi się in Mandarin, in Shanghai, a variety of language is used "wu” a w Hongkongu językiem urzędowym jest Cantonese. There is actually a variety of dialects themselves that only people who live there know.

What secrets hides the Wall of China?

Another famous place in the world, w które zabiera podróżniczy blog jest podróż do miasta Balading.
Ponieważ mieści się tutaj the best preserved part of the Wall of China. Some insistently claim that it is long 7 thousand km and others stubbornly believe that 2,5 thousand km.

Each of the individual wall structures was created during the term of office of subsequent emperors. Thus, during the reign of the Qing Dynasty, a section of the wall was made of stone, the mud and the bodies of the workers who gave their lives here! Interesting name 10.000 At the ( one Li replies 500 meter) wears a different part of the wall. However, in the 16th century, during the rule of the Ming dynasty, another fragment of the monument was built, przy powstaniu którego died until 2 million people!

Why the Chinese are so eager to surround themselves with brick buildings?

With a travel blog, we can understand their mentality more easily, for this nation has always preferred to surround itself with walls of different heights. From the very beginning, they separated them from foreign countries among which were the Mongols, because they did not want to make any contacts with them.
Początkowo zbudowany the wall was considered a cheap building material i zabierała poszczególne jego elementy (bricks) to build their own houses and wells. With time, however, it was recognized that this place can be considered an important tourist attraction that would bring good profits.

Hotels - development of tourism

Therefore, the Chinese decided that "you need to strike the iron while it is hot" and prepared various attractions for the indigenous people and traveling around the country. So you could mount and ride a donkey or a camel, buy a whistle that looks quite like a bird's chirping, or to regain good mood while riding the cable car. Numerous hotels are built for tourists, tourism is becoming important not only for Chinese earning a living, but also as a profitable industry.
The number of tourists in China is constantly growing, a good way to book a hotel room is to use the Internet, e.g.. poprzez firmę HRS.

Pekin miastem dla ludzi o mocnych nerwach :-)

When traveling to this city, you must remember that there is four-lane traffic in it and the presence of a large number of cars is a big challenge for pedestrians, bicycles and motorbikes. Kierowcy są dalecy od przestrzegania zasad ruchu drogowego a z niemal każdej strony słychać horns with a frequency of co 10 seconds!

Perhaps for 20 years, Beijing will be swallowed up by deserts

Współczesne Chiny – panuje tu także spore zanieczyszczenie powietrza a coroczne burze z oddalonej od Pekinu Gobi desert, they cover the city in a large amount of sand. More than 1/4 the country is a desert area and some scholars predict that for 20 years this city will be alive pochłonięte przez pustynię!

For example, in the city of Guangzhou, the average age of policemen serving in the field is only 43 patch! Most of them suffer from chronic respiratory problems.

Beijing also has the Mao Zedong Mausoleum in Tiananmen Square right at the Gate of Heavenly Peace. It is an object of great interest both from the natives and the masses of tourists, despite the numerous offenses against this leader's conscience.

Modern China consumes as much energy annually as the USA, England and France together!

With a travel blog, you can learn that a lot of hotels are being built all over China, factories, small power plants and large construction sites as well as large coal depots can be seen (co roku w tamtejszych kopalniach dies until 60 thousand miners), slag that are used to produce electricity.
For curiosity, modern China consumes as much energy annually as the United States, England and France together!

Thank you very much for today's meeting, i już teraz serdecznie zapraszam z podróżniczym blogiem do przeczytania kontynuacji dzisiejszego tematu oraz poznania dlaczego Dalajlama musiał opuścić Chiny.

Comment on the photo:
This picturesque photo shows the Forbidden City of Beijing. It has been recognized as a unique object and thus is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The construction of this truly palatial complex was completed in a year 1420. From 500 for years it was a mainstay and home to emperors who exercised power. He has it 9999 rooms, because that's the number 9 she is considered lucky by the superstitious Chinese people.