Australian Cities - Melbourne

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Australian Cities - Melbourne

Melbourne is one of Australia's largest cities, which once aspired to be the capital of the continent. You could say, that the city is teeming with life, both economic, and cultural. It is worth visiting this city and getting to know its greatest tourist attractions.

Royal Exhibition Building

The focal point on the itinerary of all tours arriving in Melbourne is the Royal Exhibition Building, that is, the Royal Exhibition Building. It is a magnificent edifice located in the heart of the city, belonging to the Carlton Gardens complex. W 2004 year this building was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The facility was designed by the designer of Melbourne City Hall and the Victoria State Library, Joseph Reed. Its construction was completed in 1880 on the occasion of the International Show in Melbourne that was taking place at that time. Many architects say, that the dome crowning the building was modeled on the dome of the cathedral in Florence.

Many important ceremonies in the history of the country took place in the Royal Exhibition Building, including the opening of Australia's first parliament in 1901 year. The establishment of the parliament was a kind of inauguration of the existence of an independent state. It must be noted, that the Australian federal parliament only inaugurated its operation in the Royal Exhibition Building, and then was moved to the Victoria State Parliament Building.
The Royal Exhibition Building was also the seat of the Victoria Government for over a quarter of a century.

At present, this facility does not perform any state function, nevertheless, it is still used as an exhibition center. The Royal Exhibition Building is the destination of many tours organized by the adjacent Melbourne Museum, it is also used as an examination hall of municipal schools and universities.

The Royal Exhibition Building was once the largest exhibition facility in Melbourne, however, today its modern counterpart - the building of the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Center, located in the Southbank area south of downtown, it has surpassed him in size.

Carlton i Parkville

Melbourne, one of the largest cities in Australia, has many beautiful, noteworthy tourist attractions. One of them is Carlton - the Italian district of the city, which connects with the elegant Lygon St.. City residents say, that this street is the backbone of Carlton. Furthermore, Lygon St. it was also the first street in Melbourne, which began to gather local bohemianism. Even today you can admire the traces of her presence, although the street itself has lost much of its eccentric character.

Some pubs and atmospheric restaurants in this district operate continuously to this day. The upcoming changes and ubiquitous modernity have successfully resisted such premises as e.g.: Tiamo, Papa Gino's and Jimmy Watson's. A visit to each of them is like a journey back in time, like going back several dozen years in time. The owners of these restaurants, perfectly aware of the value of this type of place, they care a lot about their traditional character.

The small experimental theater La Mama on Faraday St. is also in a very good condition.

Street Lygon St.. it is particularly vibrant with life during the four November days, and this is due to the event organized there every year - Lygon St.. Party.

Carlton and Parkville are not only beautiful streets, but also open spaces, where Australians love to relax or play sports. We find here:. in.: netball field, rink, golf course, zoo, as well as a garden, where you can observe plant species typical of Australian flora.

Being in this part of the city, you must go to Melbourne Zoo, which is the oldest zoo in Australia. The garden was founded in 1861 year and is the third oldest object of this type in the entire globe. Visiting Melbourne Zoo will take us at least half a day, but it is worth spending this time. The garden is open daily from 9.00 do 17.00. There is a special service from Melbourne city center every Sunday, historic tourist tram, from the 1920s.

There is also a historic university in Melbourne, which was founded in 1853 year.