Diary of Ma Yan part 1 - children's education in China

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For some children in China, even buying a pen is a luxury!
What is children's education in China? Learn about the diary of Ma Yan who lives in Ningxia?
You must read about the importance of dreams and the steadfast pursuit of their realization in life, that can change your life permanently?

Dear Readers, hello again and just as cordially! Niedawno opowiedziałam Wam jak żyją mieszkańcy Japonii. Now I am taking you with your travel blog to another Asian country which is China.

Who is Ma Yan- the heroine of the diary.

Ma Yan is ambitious 14- letnią dziewczynką mieszkającą w wiosce Zhangjiashu leżącą na południe od regionu Ningxia w Chinach. Jest ona autorką pamiętnika w którym zapisuje wszystkie swe przemyślenia, dreams, worries and unfulfilled hopes for a better life.

In China, the fate of girls from birth is doomed ...

One day she learns from her mother that she will not be able to continue her studies at school. Mum explains this by the difficult situation of the family and the funds from the hard work of the parents are to be allocated to the education of Ma Yan's two younger brothers ( in China, a surname is always preceded by a given name). In China, the fate of girls from birth is doomed. They finish their education in the third or fourth grade of primary school and are married off at the age of sixteen (marriages are arranged). Their later lives focus mainly on running a home and working in the field.

Dla Ma Yan luksusem był nawet zakup długopisu!

Ma Yan, on the other hand, is a very intelligent and ambitious student, and cannot imagine life without school. She is such a mature person that she knows how much science and solid education can change in her life, give it meaning and contribute to a large extent to the improvement of the living conditions of the whole family. Strongly determined by this situation, she decides to write a letter to her mother asking her to reconsider the whole matter. Your concerns, medicines , dreams as well as the hardships of life and constant struggle with poverty (even buying a pen was a luxury for her, because of which she kept food to a minimum!) he publishes in three gray diaries.

Living conditions of a poor family in China.

Dear Readers, the travel blog has made a deeper introspection to the living conditions of Ma Yan's family, who lived in brick houses built by a collective effort. The focal point of the house is the large room most of which is occupied by the kang- this is big, heated bed resting on bricks (also called a stove) where everyday life takes place: sleeps here, eats meals and does homework. The room is adjacent to the kitchen and pantry, and outside there is a garden and a pen for animals: when, lambs and donkey.

About the family of our heroine and her difficult situation.

Dad Ma Yan is Chinese and mom is Muslim. There are ten of these "national minorities" in China, as the travel blog found out, and they represent a total of over twenty million people out of a billion three hundred million inhabitants of the country. Among them, the Hui minority numbers approximately nine million. Other Muslims living in China are divided into:Uighurs, Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Tajiks and Tatars. Women from Muslim communities wear distinctive white bonnets.

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