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In the Orthodox Jewish family, everything is based on the principles of faith, which is their oracle and is the meaning of life ...

Hello, Dear Readers, and kindly invite you to today's travel blog, for a closer acquaintance with the life of the Orthodox Jewish family. The world of women and men is significantly different from each other, and is assigned to perform specific roles, for everything in the family of Orthodox Jews is based on the principles of faith, which is their oracle and is the meaning of life.

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A typical family of Orthodox Jews, czyli charedim (Lay Jews, on the other hand, are called a chilonym) has its own a spiritual guide in the person of a kacyk. She is an important figure in their lives, to which they come for advice, support, and help in matters important to them.
Kacyk will always advise which school the children should go to, will provide advice on parental employment, ba, it will even tell you what clothes the kids should wear.
It is important to know that there are many sects in the Haredi community: Gur, Alexander, Satmer, Slonim, who follow their own code in the way they dress, e.g.: length of trousers or the shape and height of the headgear ( fedora, kippa).
The mere presence of a kacyk gives the Orthodox Jewish family a sense of security and makes them aware that in the face of problems they will not be left alone..

Woman nurses home, and watches over the children.

With a travel blog, we can learn more about how a woman finds herself in the world shaped by orthodoxy. Her role mainly it comes down to being a good and exemplary wife and mother, and revolves around home and children's affairs. It undoubtedly comes with a lot of dedication on her part, tremendous patience, because more than a dozen children are born into the world.

The woman usually does not work, because there is simply no time for this with such a large group of offspring. However, to fund the home budget, bakes cakes, embroiders or arranges flowers, because her husband's low salary is not able to support her and her children.

More than once, women undertake to work on the manufacture of liturgical vessels for the celebration of services in a synagogue or organize sacred books.. They don't usually study, and if anything, at religious universities.

For everything in the family of Orthodox Jews is based on principles of faith, which is their oracle and is the meaning of life.

Following the principles of orthodoxy is also of great importance, and serving as an example is the kitchen in which meals are prepared. It is very important to cook meat and dairy foods in strictly dedicated dishes. When serving them to the table, remember to keep a two-hour break between meat and milk dishes. There are separate lockers, tables, tablecloths for utensils for meat dishes, and others for milk meals. Some of the more Orthodox housewives even have two kitchens! in which the right dishes are made.

The man studies the book and contemplates prayer.

Traveling deep into the world of men, which is rather secretive and inaccessible, we can say that it is based mainly on the three main pillars which they are: family, prayer and study.

In a traditional Orthodox Jewish family, the wife is at home, and the man has a number of activities outside of him. Already in the morning after ablution in the mikveh (it is a Jewish bathhouse) he goes to the synagogue for prayer , then he contemplates the books- Torah and Gemara in a yeshiva or koljey. And so several times a day,and sometimes in the evening he has a meeting to prepare the boys for the bar mitzvah celebration. Virtually all day is busy. However, this is how he was brought up, because from the early years of childhood, boys are focused on becoming a scientist in the future, many of them dream of being a rabbi.

Cheder i jesziwa, which is where you learn.

Cheder translated from Hebrew means hall or room. It is a religious Jewish school subsidized by the Jewish community. It is attended by boys from the age of 3- 5 years, and remain to be achieved 13- this year of life. For when they are so old they are ready to celebrations bar micwy, they become members of the minjal ( includes a minimum 10 people), which begins important religious events. Cheder classes were held in the teacher's apartment- melamed, and they consisted in reading in Hebrew from the Reshit Daat primer, as well as from Leviticus. The modern cheder has the status of a religious Sunday school, which girls can also attend in the evening after normal school, as well as sometimes on Sundays. After graduating from the cheder, the boys continue their education in the yeshiva, that is, a rabbinical university. The Orthodox Jewish family places great emphasis on the complete and complete education of a male descendant in the spirit of religion..

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Dear Readers, thank you, that you did not fail again and were with us! I invite you to another blog travel meeting and I remain confident that you will visit us again.

Photo no 1.
The photo shows the Jews gathered at the Western Wall while reading the Torah during the bar mitzvah ceremony.

Photo no 2.
This photo also shows Jews celebrating at the bar mitzvah celebration.