An intimate and attractive holiday in Rowy

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An intimate and attractive holiday in Rowy.

Many of us decide to vacation by the sea. If we are not convinced by the crowded ones, noisy, famous resorts that are large and crowded every year by crowds of tourists, it is worth going to Rowy. It is tiny, but a charming place, located on the Gardno Spit - between the sea and Lake Gardno, on the left bank of the 艁upawa River. The town also borders on the S艂owi艅ski National Park. Closeness to nature, fresh air and lots of greenery - those, who expect this during their vacation, they will certainly not be disappointed.

In the vicinity of Rowy, there are numerous bicycle paths and bicycle rentals. It is definitely worth going on this type of trip at least once - many routes allow you to enter the National Park, and the views, which we can admire along the way, are breathtaking. Hilly meadows, birds singing, green forests and fresh, clear, the fresh air will provide us with a huge dose of energy and real relaxation. On the banks of the 艁upawa River, there is a water equipment rental - kayaks and pedal boats, which you can swim on the stretch of the river. It is considered one of the most beautiful, offers wonderful scenery and surroundings, from which you cannot take your eyes off.

An unquestionable advantage of Rowy is the proximity of the beach. It is just a few minutes walk from everyone, anywhere in this town. It will surely please those, for whom a stay by the sea would not make sense without spending a certain amount of time enjoying the charms of the sun, warm sand and salty waves, seawater.

The town has an excellent accommodation base and tourist infrastructure. In Rowy you can rent a room in the guesthouse, summer house, or use the campsite. If we feel like it, to eat tasty, we can visit one of the many restaurants, bar, pub or cafe. An amusement park is also built in Rowy every year, and in the amphitheater located in the park, performances and concerts take place regularly in the summer season - the current list can be found on the website. There is also an option to rent a go-kart and scooter, play mini-golf or a cruise on a tourist ship or fishing boat.