Is Thai boxing in Bangkok one of the best attractions?

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Is Thai boxing in Bangkok one of the best attractions?

It is assumed, that Muay Thai, also called Muay Thai, it was established as a separate martial art in the 13th century.
There is an unusual story connected with this.
Once upon a raid on a major Thai settlement, the four royal Jatubaht warriors dedicated to protecting the elephant, they lost their weapons. The elephant was extremely important to the king, sacred animal symbolizing power and authority. Soldiers, for fear of it, that the king would cut them for a head if the elephant died, they started fighting with their hands and feet, throwing themselves at the enemy with blatant force.
This is how Muay Thai was born.
Is it true? Nobody knows that.
The story, however, circulates, and it is very nice to listen to it.

Aggression isn't one of my favorite things.
In fact, I can safely say that, that I am disgusted with her. Physical aggression, verbal, or psychological manipulation - I have a "stay away" attitude towards everyone.
Many people wrongly combine martial arts with aggression. This is a misconception.
Martial arts are all about hard training, not only fitness, but also psychological. They teach self-control skills, controlling aggression, self-defense ability. They also reduce the level of fear, thanks to which they directly affect self-confidence.
The main priority of training should be personality and spiritual development, rather than the emphasis on just defeating the opponent.
This is probably why it is an art.
Asia is incredibly popular and famous for a variety of combat sports. Thai boxing is the national sport of Thailand.

What to do in Bangkok after you've seen everything? Go Thai boxing.
Bright neon lights flooding the ring, the chill of the roaring air conditioning, burning crowd in the stands. Two, half naked men, appears in the ring and begins the traditional "Wai Khru" ceremony.
"Wai Khru" is a specific type of thanksgiving dance. With oriental music, the players go around and make certain movements.
This is how they thank their coaches, gods and ancestral spirits and worship the sport itself.
After the ritual "Wai Khru" they move on to "Ram Muay", where everyone shows skills and their own style. This ceremony is meant to bring good luck, protection and respect; and fair and honorable combat. thai boxing in bangkok
The chime then sounds to start the first round.
Thai boxing is characterized by the lack of any protectors. The only equipment of the players are leather gloves, each of which may not exceed 172 grams of weight.
Match (because that's what fighting is called) consists of 5 round, each lasts 3 minutes. Between the fights, the competitors have 2 a minute break.
Usually 2 the first rounds are a warm-up and an assessment of the opponent's skills. It's only the third round that it starts to get interesting. That's when most of the audience gets up and starts betting.
Screaming Thai people can get incredibly excited, and even more incredibly they can gamble.
In fact, most of them go there just for that.
The tribune is divided into 2 parts.
Part for the "poorer" and part for "businessmen", who, as I was able to find out from a reliable source, they are usually fat bosses from mafia organizations.
Better not to go there.
And certainly not to make any bets. If anyone can afford it at all. The source also informed me, that thick millions are flowing there. The average bet is 100 thousand. Euro.
In the part for the "poorer" it is approx 200 Euro.
Phi, well it is!
Like, that I was involved in martial arts for many years, first thing, I wanted to do in Bangkok is just to see Thai boxing live.
I dreamed of seeing a real knockout live (honest of course). When I actually saw him, I almost fell asleep.
It is a terrifyingly sad sight.
And even more sad is how quickly and irrelevantly they pull the victim off the ring. Like a sack of potatoes.

Where to see Thai boxing in Bangkok?
The most popular stadium is the Lumpini Stadium, where fights take place every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It is located near the popular Khao San street and tickets can be bought before the fights.
Other, less popular and cheaper places can be found here.
If you are staying in Bangkok for a long time, it is really worth spending one evening and going to the fights. I recommend buying a ticket, which allows you to sit in front of a Thai audience. (Of course, they will want to sell you a tourist ticket, 5 times more expensive ...)
Thanks to this, you will feel the real excitement and adrenaline resulting not from the fight itself, a from ongoing bets. Perhaps you will try to bet on someone yourself!

Treningi Muay Thai.
Thai Boxing in Bangkok is not only about watching it live. Enthusiasts of this sport can take part in numerous workshops, often even several months old.

The Muay Thai Institute in Bangkok not only promotes this sport, but also organizes workshops. You can take part in one-day training or commit to a few months of practice.