Masai Mara National Reserve

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Why do flamingos owe the intense color of their plumage?

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Today you will get to know Masai Mara National Reserve, which owes its uniqueness and natural richness to many species of animals and birds. The place, które zasiedlają liczne gatunki zwierząt jest także tanzański Park Narodowy Ngorongoro.

The Kenyan pearl of nature is admired by crowds of tourists.

Masai Mara National Park is one of the most famous reserves in the world. It covers an area 1510 square kilometers and is situated in high altitude 1500 m n.p.m. It is very popular among tourists, and travelers are fond of this place, writers and scholars, which captivated and delighted with the color of this place, its diversity and admiration for the generosity of Mother Nature.

Mnoga zoology and ornithology.

The travel blog, delighted with the natural beauty of nature, directed its attention to the permanent inhabitants of the Masai Mara National Park among whom there is the so-called. Big Five, or: elephants, lions, lamparty, buffalo and rhinoceros. This corner of the world has become a friendly home also for hippos, crocodiles, various types of antelopes, among which the melting antelope, also known as the blue jeans antelope, deserves attention, and this is due to her very original color. This National Reserve has become a residence for gazelles, giraffes and bird species counted in hundreds, which singing give this place a unique charm. The western areas of the reserve near the Oloololo escarpment were inhabited by the Maasai tribe, who deal with the herding of cattle on a daily basis. So we see how Masai Mara National Park in terms of the diversity of animal species living there is similar to Ngorongoro National Park.

In the heart of Masai Mara Park, visitors from afar will find their food.

July and August are the seasons of the year when numerous herds of wildebeest and zebras migrate from the Serengeti plains to the Masai Mara National Park in order to find food, but many of them do not reach the site, because he becomes a victim of Nile crocodiles and hippos lurking in the depths of the water. For those who are lucky and have safely crossed the Mara River, they can satisfy their hunger and rest to recharge after an exhausting journey.

Birds, as if painted in pink, are bathed.

These birds, and I personally like flamingos in a special way, because they look cute in their pink robes. Lake Nakuru is inhabited in large numbers in the Masai Mara National Park. The secret of their pink plumage is in the crustaceans they consume. These birds stick together, and their herds are up to millions of individuals.

In the African corner of perfume today ...

The African violet leaves and twigs filled with the aroma of a feminine perfume. The rosewood tree has similar aromatic advantages, the advantages of which are also used by the perfume industry.

Dear Reader, thank you very much for today's "meeting" in such charming corners of the world as the Masai Mara National Park, I am delighted with its beauty every time and I direct similar feelings to the Ngorongoro National Park.

Park Masai mara flamingi


Park Masai mara słoń

The first photo shows the Masai Mara National Reserve with its proud representative of a sizeable elephant family.
On the second photo, equally beautiful, we see a whole bunch of pink flamingos, which they feast on the waters of Lake Nakuru.