Not only Mielno - what to see on the way and in the vicinity

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Not only Mielno - what to see on the way and in the vicinity.

Just sunbathing and splashing in water is not an idea for the whole vacation. Vacation is time, which we should use more ingeniously. You know the person, who is going to the seaside, must like water. Some admire it from afar, and others quite the contrary. Quartering in Mielno does not condemn vacationers to stay only in one place. Around the whole cluster of villages and places like seaside, but quite different. As long as we have access to a car or public transport, we can tour it successfully, what's around.

Mielno is only located 12 km from Koszalin, the birthplace of the Polish traveler and writer - Beata Pawlikowska, who watched the sunset from her apartment block, dreaming of long journeys. You can even get to the nearby Koszalin by boat, which can be an amazing adventure. After all, you don't travel this way every day. If we want to spend time with children on wide beaches, we can jump to the nearby Unieście. To walk on the promenade, it is enough to go to one of the most beautiful villages in the commune of Mielno - Sabrinowa. Only 6 kilometers separate tourists from the village, where holidaymakers can spend time after visiting Mielno, i.e.. from Chłopy. If we want to spend time in Mielno, and arrange the accommodation base at a high standard camping, you should go to a nearby village with the sonorous name of Gąski.

Mielno is not only a beach. The town offers hiking tours on well-marked hiking trails for active people, hiking and biking. Therefore, you can combine your stay in Mielno with visiting the nearby villages. Combine business with pleasure and go on a safe walking or cycling route, e.g.. to Koszalin or travel by rented car. Visit nearby eateries, restaurants that often remember the past centuries, compare the architecture. See the surrounding churches and learn about the history of the area, first settlers. If we are not interested in the high standard of hotels or guesthouses, we can successfully set up camp at the campsite, which there are in Mielno. A well-developed accommodation base will allow us to spend our holidays actively without any problems.