Welcome – Australia

Welcome to the website. Our goal is to present Australia as a potential place to live – and people who are interested in emigration – comprehensive assistance from basic information on travel-related topics to comprehensive support for the entire visa application process.

By far the best way to go to Australia is an educational visa and this is what we devote the most space to in our information service. The website is complemented by the presentation of Australia as a place to live, work, acquiring qualifications and spending free time.

“Record emigration to Australia”, “The British emigrate to Australia”, “Australia is tightening the criteria for expatriates” – these are just some of the daily headlines in the press. So what makes, that Australia's popularity is growing as a destination for emigration even from such developed and prosperous countries as Great Britain, France or the USA?

First of all, Australia is a modernly managed country – a well-thought-out emigration policy makes, that the country tops most of the world's education rankings, work, low unemployment or even life satisfaction of its inhabitants.

Australians, including immigrants living in this country, they are simply very happy and contented people – on this website we will tell you why, which makes Australia such a fantastic place to live, and if you are interested in going to Australia, we will help you apply for a visa and take your first steps in the new reality.

Australia has enormous emigration traditions – this country was practically built by immigrants – and thus Australians are extremely friendly towards immigrants, because for the most part… they are themselves.

Additionally, the emigration policy is extremely strict. Unlike most countries in the world, Australia chooses very carefully, who can apply to join the ranks of its residents.

The emigration process is very extensive – there are a number of criteria that are taken into account, the philosophy behind the application processing system is very simple – what counts is the contribution, what a potential immigrant has a chance to contribute to the development of Australia.

In short, what matters is how much you enrich this country with your professional experience. How much will you contribute to society. And you will also provide, that you will not be a burden to society.

The criteria that make up the emigration process can be divided into four main groups: age-old, health, linguistic, educational and professional – in addition, no criminal record as a prerequisite for applying for a visa.

We present complete information about each of them on our website.

The Australian climate is also important – Australia's weather is one of the friendliest on Earth. The warm and sunny climate is extremely appreciated by immigrants from, for example, Europe.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer, read about Australia as a place to live, work and education, viewing photos and videos – whether or not you are just starting to think about Australia as a potential place to live, are you already determined and want to start the emigration process – contact us. Our professional, a friendly team will help you at every step. You're welcome!