Under the Tatras - Kościelisko

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Under the Tatras - Kościelisko.

Kościelisko is a large village, which lies under the Tatras. It consists of as many as twenty-one settlements - former pastoral settlements, called clearings. Hence the previous name of Kościelisko - Polany, which is still used colloquially. It is a tourist and recreational village very eagerly visited by holidaymakers regardless of the season. It is hardly surprising, since it is also an excellent accommodation and excursion to the mountains, which are literally a stone's throw away.

Guest houses constitute a significant part of the town's buildings, vacation homes and private accommodation, which receive guests and provide them with accommodation. Kościelisko is very close to Zakopane, so we should go there in our spare time. If we are interested in the local history and culture, it is worth visiting the Zakopane Style Museum and the Tatra Museum, as well as the Karol Szymanowski Museum. Of course, being so close to the mountains, we should see all their most famous points. Among them, the valleys are worth mentioning: Kościeliska Valley, The Chochołowska Valley and the Five Ponds Valley. The Kościeliska Valley is very often visited by tourists, because it is considered to be one of the most beautiful valleys in the Eastern Tatras. The Chochołowska Valley is the longest and largest valley. If we want to go through it, let's be ready for a 10-kilometer journey. If, however, health or fitness do not allow us to go through the entire route, we can shorten it by almost half - approx 6,5 kilometer from the inlet of the valley there is a PTTK hostel, where we can stay. We should also see with our own eyes the most famous of them all - the Valley of Five Ponds. As the name suggests, there are five glacial lakes in it. They are amazingly beautiful at any time of the year, therefore numerous trips are organized over them. After the valleys it is time to reach the peaks. We should definitely go to Giewont, that is, a mighty massif, which has been attracting tourists for many years. According to legend, it has the shape of a sleeping knight, it is located at the confluence of valleys: Bystrej, Little Meadow, Strążyska and Kondratowa. Another very famous peak is of course Kasprowy Wierch, which lies on the border with Slovakia. It is famous for its attractive approaches, the cable car and ski slopes open to tourists - we can go skiing, as long as the weather is fine (and snow lies on Kasprowy for most of the year). Certainly it will be an extremely successful holiday.