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Pula (ancient Polensium), situated on eight hills above a beautiful bay, is one of the oldest cities in Croatia. Forests protect the city from the winds all around, thanks to this, the climate here is mild (even in winter). W V w. p.n.e. there was an Illyrian settlement on the hills. A hundred years later, the Romans founded a colony there, which soon became the administrative center of the entire province. Many buildings were built at that time, m.in. Emperor Vespasian's amphitheater from the 1st century, able to contain 23 thousands of people. During the reign of Venice, many great monuments were taken away, to decorate Venetian cities. Today, Pula is not only an open-air museum, but also an important center of the shipbuilding industry, a great naval base and a bustling commercial port.


Bus Station (with a left-luggage office open from 5.30-22.00) is located on Mate Balote Street in the city center. Giardini is one block south, main street of the city. The bay is located north of the bus station. The train station is situated close to the sea, ok. 1 km north of the city (Luggage storage is open 9.00-16.00, except n / a).

Many street names are now being changed by municipal authorities to eliminate the remains of the former Yugoslavia.


The Tourist Society is located on Istarska Street 13 (pn.-pt. 9.00-13.00 i 17.00-20.00). American Express is represented by the Atlas travel agency (Petra Drapśina 1, 52 000 Pula, tel.214172); customers can receive correspondence here.

Post and telecommunications – International phone calls can be ordered from the main post office at Dante Trg 4 (codz. do 20.00). Dialing code for Pula: 052.

Tourist agencies – Ferry tickets can be purchased at the Jadroagent office (tel.41878) at Obala 14 and the Kvarner Express office next door.

Via Tours agency at Mate Ba-lote Street, next to the bus station, sells tickets for express buses to Zagreb (283 km, 17 $) i Triestu (14 $) and railroad to Munich and Vienna.


The most interesting monument in Pula is from the 1st century AD. Roman amphitheater located on the bay, northeast of the old town. It is a zero class monument, which cannot be omitted. The entrance to the amphitheater is quite expensive (2,50 $, stud. 1,25 $), however, it can be viewed from the outside quite well. At the end of July, the Croatian Film Festival takes place in the amphitheater, and a week later the Italian Film Festival.

Archeological museum (open daily in summer, closed in winter. sb. i nd., 2 $, stud. 1 $) stands on a hill in front of the bus station. Even if you don't visit the museum, one should visit the sculpture garden (around him) and Roman theater (right behind him). It leads to the garden Double Gate (Double Door) dating from the 2nd century.

They stretch along the street in front of the bus station roman walls, which mark the eastern border of the old Pula. Walk south along these walls and continue through Giardini, gets to Triumphal Arch of Sergius (27 r. p.n.e.). The street that starts right behind the triumphal arch meanders through the old town, changing names several times along the way. It takes you to Trgu Republike, where the ancient one stands the temple of Octavian Augustus and old town hall (1296 r.). At the end of the square is the Franciscan Church of 1314 r. In monastery cloisters (entrance from the other side) you can see, inter alia, a collection of paintings, medieval frescoes and Roman mosaics.

historical Museum (act. codz.) it is situated on a high hill in the center of the old town, in the Venetian citadel from the 17th century. The modest collection is mainly about the history of Pula, but the view of the city from the walls of the citadel is delightful.


Campsites Autocamp Stoja is the closest to Pula (tel.24144, half. IV-half of October), 3 km southwest of the center (access by bus #1 to the end stop in Stoji). At the campsite, located on a small hill, there is a lot of space and shade, and next to the rocks you can swim. There are two good restaurants there.

Many campsites are located in the seaside holiday resorts scattered around Pula. These are: Puntizela nudist campsite (tel.517490) in the village of the same name, Fisherman's Cottage (tel.22966) w Verudeli, Indie-Banjole (tel.573066) and Anchor (tel.22833) w Banjole, Stupice (tel.575111) and Runke (tel.575022) in Premantura.

Youth hostels

Schronisko młodzieżowe LjetovaIiśte Ferijalnog Saveza (Gulf of Valsaline 4, tel.34595) is situated 3 km south of the center of Pula, over a clean beach covered with small pebbles. You can reach the hostel by bus #2 plying to Verudela. Get off at the “Piramida”, go back to the first street, turn left and look for a sign. Accommodation with breakfast costs 10 $ from person, and pitching a tent at the shelter 4 $. On the hostel's terrace you can sit and sip a cold beer; some summer evenings rock bands perform here. The nearby Piramida disco also provides entertainment. The chalet is now equipped with heating and is open all year round. If there are no vacancies in it, and you have a tent with you, you can stay at the Autocamp Ribarska Koliba (tel.2966, mid VI-half IX) at distance 10 min walk from the shelter.

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