Holi festival

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Do you know what the dyes are obtained from for the Holi Festival??
What is the main idea behind the festival of Holi??

Dear reader, welcome! India is extremely close to me and as you have probably noticed, a large part of the articles refer to this fascinating country that I am still discovering and discovering.! In today's travel blog, I will tell you about the World of Holi, które w tym czasie zjednuje wszystkich ludzi podobnie jak to ma miejsce podczas obchodów Święta Diwali.

Holi festival- a riot of colors of spring start.

Święto Holi zwane także Festival of Colors to święto radości, a jego obchody they symbolize the end of winter and a joyful welcome to spring! In India, this celebration is celebrated over several days, although it depends on the region's location.

The travel blog got information, that, for example, in the southern part of the country, Holi is celebrated less vigorously, because spring does not spoil the locals too much. The situation is completely different in the north of India, where the seasons are clearly defined and thus everything comes alive again with the spring awakening, puts you in a positive mood and gives you fresh hope. With the advent of HoliThe Hindus sprinkle each other with colorful powders and pour water on each other, all this with the accompaniment of spring in full bloom!

The Holi festival begins, and the nation as one big family.

Holidays have it to themselves, that they unite people and trigger almost family feelings and friendly relationships. Przewodnim hasłem Święta Holi jest wybaczenie i rozpoczęcie na nowo pewnych przedsięwzięć i wcześniejszych postanowień. During this time, all people are equal regardless of caste affiliation ( although it was liquidated in 1955 years it still lingers in the minds of society), professed religion, culture, skin color, language and create one big family among which there are Muslims, Sikhs and Christians. The palette of rainbow colors in which people are bathed reflects all their beautiful diversity and uniqueness. During Holi, as well as during the celebration of Diwali, all nationalities play together, they laugh, rejoice, they bestow sweetness and kindness flowing from hearts overjoyed by this unusual atmosphere.

Nature did not hesitate and was generous to the people.

The travel blog has received news of what are made of colorful powders, which emphasize the importance of the holiday of Holi. Until recently, the gifts of nature in the form of natural dyes were used for this purpose, which were made of flower petals and dried fruit. However, with the ever-growing popularity of Holi around the world, natural dyes have been replaced by their synthetic equivalents. The latter, however, did not turn out to be very suitable for the health of the skin. In general, dyes are powerful, and after penetrating the skin and hair, it is not easy to wash it off. Also, clothes cannot be washed and therefore no chic and elegant outfits are worn during the Holi Festival.. To remove the colored substance from the body and hair, it is recommended to cover these areas with coconut oil beforehand.

In today's travel corner of perfume, we'll find out ...

About jasmine growing in India- it is a shrub enriched with white, yellow and pink flowers. Jasmine flower extracts are very expensive, and flowers are used for distillation. Mention should also be made of pepper, and its oil is obtained from the fruits of black pepper, which gives perfumes sharpness and emphasizes their depth. And let's not forget about sandalwood, which has a sweet-resin-balsam-musky note and is also suitable for cosmetics.

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The Holi Festival, as well as the Diwali Festival, are devoted to something else, but their connecting element is always people, their share, commitment and work, which culminate in experiences so colorful and close to the heart.

Święto Holi proszek do obsypywania się

Święto Holi malowanie twarzy

Comment to the attached photos.
The first photo shows the preparations for the Holi festival, and hands equipped with a colorful palette of powders will soon start to sprinkle them on each other.
The second photo shows the moment of face painting, and a smile accompanies it, joy and carefree, gdyż wszyscy są sobie równi i tak samo szczęśliwi.