Feast of Mimuna

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When we say goodbye to Pesach, We would like to welcome the "Mimuny Festival" in a beautiful way!

Hello Dear Reader!

With cordiality enveloped in my heart, I kindly invite you to another journey, this time you will get to know the sweet "Festival of Mimuny" celebrated in Israel

"Mimuny Festival" spring birthday.

The travel blog has gained information, that ”Święto Mimuny”inaczej zwane Świętem Obfitości jest uroczystością powitalną wiosny tak jak tę niosącą światło nadziei porę roku wita się w Indiach podczas tamtejszego ”Święta Holi”. Jews from Morocco remain faithful to the celebration of the "Festival of Mimuny", who, after careful prior preparation, w wieczór po zakończeniu Pesach starają się godnie przeżyć tę uroczystość, which also symbolizes happiness, generosity and forgiveness.

A palette of sweets for all guests.

On the evening of "Mimuny Day", the doors of the house, just like the hearts of its inhabitants, remain open to others, who can help themselves with the wealth of pastries decorating the table.

Wśród słodkości królują muflety, that is, a type of thin pancakes bathed in a lot of butter and honey. Biesiadnicy delektują się także a frog z białek ubitych z cukrem i z dodatkiem orzechów. Goście nie mogą sobie odmówić skosztowania także shibaliji, and under this mysterious name there is a cake that is fried in a lot of fat, similar to the preparation of pancakes.

After such a sweet feast, mint tea and a drink enriched with rose petals are served to quench your thirst., sugar and nuts. Probably such a display of the culinary skills of the household is fully appreciated by all guests. A similar custom of giving sweets accompanies the Indian "Holi Festival".

On this day of joy, a prediction of the future.

During the "Feast of Mimuny" as well as during the "Feast of Holi" everyone becomes one big family regardless of the color of the skin, origin and religion. All those gathered at the feast table give each other the following words: "Be joyful and feast". All are also mindful of the prophecies, which says, that if during the "Festival of Mimuny" someone shirks, this will guide him in the happiness of his marriage, and his house lacks nothing.

Dear Reader, thank you very much for today's valuable attention and I cordially invite you to the next meeting with the travel blog!

Commentary to the attached photo.
The photo shows the richness of the meals prepared during the "Feast of Mimuny" ceremony. Can be seen, that the household members put a lot of work into creating them, but also my whole heart filled with affection for my fellow man.
I would like to thank the author for sharing the photos, which is Mr. Aron Brand.