Obon holiday

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Do you know, that Obon in honor of the dead falls in Japan in the summer month of August?
And how bon odori night is celebrated

Hello Dear Reader! I kindly invite you to another trip to Japan.
There have been several already, but the country still has so many places to visit, and customs that attract attention.
W dzisiejszym blogu podróżniczym poznamy jak Japończycy obchodzą Święto Obon i jakie detale tej uroczystości są zbliżone do Hanami- święta kwiatów wiśni .

Every day and on holidays, the ghosts of the dead are remembered.

Japan is a country, where the spiritual world is sometimes quite close, a deceased persons are not treated as feared ghosts, but as friends and advisers. Feeling their presence during a one-sided conversation, he moves and confides in everyday matters like: college graduation, wedding, getting a job or a trip, with the provision of sharing with the spirits of ancestors their impressions and what they experienced.

When we celebrate the Obon festival, we decorate the house altar.

A travel blog has seen the preparations for the Obon festival in honor of the spirits of the dead. Jego obchody przypadają na 13 of August. In Poland, the Day of the Dead is celebrated in November, but in Japan, according to the lunar calendar, August is considered the beginning of fall.

Decoration is an important symbol of this celebration domowego ołtarza buddyjskiego zwanego butsudanem. There are not only wedding photos on it for several days, but it arranges itself with reverence around it: fruit, flowers, candles and incense. In Japan, a lot of emphasis is placed on the form, and therefore confectioners at this time prepare lotus-shaped sweets.

Similar preparations are underway during the Hanami cherry blossom festival, where people consume candy in the form of cherry blossoms. On arrival, the priest, surrounded by the household, recites the sutras. For several consecutive days, the spirits of the ancestors are treated with great care, the family shares with them vegetarian dishes served in lacquerware.
The Obon festival is an occasion for family gatherings, conversations, and all this in a sublime atmosphere of festive mood. During the Obon festival, life is gaining momentum, many people return to their family homes to be with their loved ones. This celebration brings together three holidays: Thanksgiving, All Souls' Day and Halloween

Lanterns of light flow to the Land of Eternity.

Following along with the travel blog, we find out, that an important aspect of the Obon festival is visiting graves, which is washed and tidied up. Then they are decorated with incense sticks, fruit, and puts flowers in vases, then the gathered people contemplate in prayer interrupted by the recitation of some of the sutras and clap their hands during the breaks.
When a stream flows by the cemetery it is daytime 15 in the afternoon of August, as a sign of the metallic sound of the bell hanging over Bustudan, the family carries the gifts resting on the grave to the altar built by the river. It is a ritual in which the spirits of ancestors return again to the Land of Pure Earth, also known as the Buddhist paradise, where they will stay until the next holiday of theirs. Luminous lanterns launched on the water are a significant symbol of this celebration.

We organize Bon-odori so that the dead have comfort.

The children are also slowly getting used to the Obon festival and spend their time pleasantly during the week. They build huts on the local paths leading to the temples, whose patron is Saint Ojizo. They spend this time playing games, having fun, consumption of snacks offered by neighbors, and when the night comes to test their courage, they wander the cemetery and other terrifying places.

The travel blog also learned that w czasie Święta Obon organizowana jest noc bon-odori, that is, a small carnival in which the memory of the dead is honored with joy. People flock to come and integrate in the group creating one big family. Their spontaneity, kindness and a positive response from the heart can be compared to the Hanami-cherry blossom festival, where all give each other good energy. On bon odori night, the center of the square is occupied by a yagura, that is a platform made of wood on which musicians and dancers entertain the gathered crowds. There are also food and game stalls around the yagura. Participants dance from right to left around the landing, keeping the rhythm, harmony of movement and light.

So let's take a look at the perfume garden.

In the perfume garden of a travel blog, we will get to know flowers, whose velvety fragrance often envelops the perfume. And so the plum blossom from Japan enriches the perfume with a unique fruity aroma, and the magnolia flower excites with its delicacy and joy of harmony with nature. This group cannot miss the cherry blossom, which with all its beauty symbolizes the Land of the Rising Sun..
Thank you, Dear Reader, for today's meeting, for valuable attention and goodwill. Japan still amazes me, it hides many secrets, which I am happy to meet, guess, and then share them with everyone for whom this country is also close.

Comment to the attached photos.
The first photo shows the ceremony of launching light-enveloped lanterns on the occasion of the Obon festival, as a sign of farewell to the spirits of their ancestors, that they would safely go to the Pure Earth.

On the other hand, the second photo shows smiling and dancing Japanese during the bon-odori festival closely related to the Obon festival..