The first walk around Łódź

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The first walk around Łódź.

Łódź - the city of factories, movie, adventures, delicious food and good beer. Get ready for a weekend full of excitement! Two days is not much time, to get to know this multicolored place fully, however, enough, to immerse yourself in its magic for a moment and fall in love with the atmosphere.

It's worth starting your first walk around Łódź from the well-known and popular Piotrkowska Street. Some people do, that's the only thing, which the inhabitants of Łódź can be proud of. Nothing could be more wrong! We're just getting started. Piotrkowska can be envied by cities such as London, or Paris. It is over four kilometers long street (the longest trade route in Europe), where there are numerous shops, cafes, restaurants, pubs, clubs, rich accommodation base, and most of all beautiful, decorated townhouses. Many of them are currently undergoing renovation, thanks to which they regain their original glow. If the walk turned out to be too tiring, we can always use rickshaws - nice gentlemen on bicycles, for a small fee, they will gladly take us to the chosen place. After the ride, it is also worth checking the gates. Though sometimes they don't look inviting, they are the entrance to beautiful courtyards. Almost every one has its own atmosphere. Time flows with its own rhythm there. Cat's heads, charming old cells and flowers in the windows - this is the view most often missed by the inhabitants of Łódź, who left the city.

remember, that you can meet personalities on Piotrkowska Street. Look for Tuwim, Rubinstein and Reymont. If you look around well, you will also have a chance to give Uszatek a high five. But what would a walk around Łódź be without a visit to Manufaktura?? So, everyone has heard about Manufaktura. However, not everyone knows, that it was originally supposed to be called the New World, and its current name comes from ... creative students from Łódź. It is Izrael Poznański's empire turned into a commercial and recreational facility, where you can find virtually everything - numerous restaurants (the elegant and less exquisite ones), kino, climbing wall, in winter - ice rink, in summer - a beach with a volleyball court, shops, ice cream parlors, pizzerias, Andel's four-star hotel, fitness club… Something for everyone! After a tasty lunch in Manufaktura, it is worth taking a walk to one of the parks in Łódź. It is often wrongly said, that Łódź is gray and gloomy. Well, on the contrary! It is one of the greenest cities in Poland, you just need to do a good search! The lungs of Łódź are mainly Łagiewniki, but there are many beautiful parks close to the center, even Park them. Adam Mickiewicz, more often called Julianowski by the inhabitants.

After a long time, but on a pleasant day it is worth going to one of the pubs in Lodz, which serve good, regional (and not only) a beer or take a breath at the chosen accommodation. The city has a wide range of accommodation options - from hotels of a very high standard, through modern hostels in the center, for cheap accommodation, e.g.. in youth centers.