History of Świdnica: Museum of the Old Merchant

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History of Świdnica: Museum of the Old Merchant.

If you decide to spend your vacation in Świdnica, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Lower Silesia, we must visit the Museum of Old Merchant located there. For history lovers, who study old books and simply love historic buildings and objects, it will be a trip that will be remembered for a long time. So let's book local accommodation and go here on vacation.

Świdnica, although nowadays it is considered a typical industrial city, formerly it functioned as a merchant center, to which items from all over the world were brought, which undoubtedly could not be purchased elsewhere in Poland. It was for this reason that it was decided to establish the Museum of Old Merchants in Świdnica, which is located in the historic Town Hall of the city. Its origins date back to a year 1966, when the first exhibitions started to be organized.

The museum is divided into four sections, dealing with separate topics and acquiring other types of exhibits. The first one - the History Department of Świdnica focuses on collecting items, about the history of Świdnica. It is located in a nicely restored Councilors' Room, in which there is a model of the city from the 17th century. In addition, this section contains numerous documents related to the city, photo, emblems and other such exhibits.

Another department of the museum, called the Department of Former Merchant, collects exhibits related to the development of the former trade, therefore you can find all kinds of packaging in it, mainly glass, made of various types of glass, as well as ceramic or stoneware bottles. In addition, this department collects numerous items of colonial origin, such as interestingly decorated tin cans for tea or tobacco. There is also a set of old cash registers, signs used to advertise stores and all kinds of attributes related to trading.

In the museum, you can also see the Metrology Department with a real display of shop scales with weights of various types and sizes, as well as other measuring items, such as: elbows, calipers, bulk and pouring measures. The measuring elbows present here are a real rarity, which are a rare exhibit in such facilities.

The last of the departments in the Museum of Old Merchants in Świdnica is the Scientific Department- Educational, which conducts music lessons and organizes temporary exhibitions on various topics.

If we are interested in the history of trading, the Museum of Old Merchants in Świdnica is the place, which we absolutely should visit.