Traditional children's festivals in Japan

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I cordially greet dear readers!, and come back to Japan. Today's travel blog will touch upon the grateful children's theme of traditional festivals in Japan, and you will learn Fr.:
The role of dolls at the Girls 'Festival and why the Boys' Festival is symbolized by carps floating in the air.

Girls and their dolls at the hinamatsuri festival.

Traveling around the Land of the Rising Sun, we can witness beautiful traditional children's festivals celebrated there. In day 3 marca podróże blog odnotowały festiwal hinamatsuri, which was created with girls in mind.

During his celebration, girls place dolls dressed in traditional costumes on specially prepared steps. Lalki te even several hundred years old, because they are traditionally passed down from one generation to the next. In the old days, they were created to take on the evil powers surrounding people, and then they were thrown into the abyss of the sea. An important part of the festival are also invited friends and all relatives, which enjoy a treat.

What does the carp symbolize at the boys' festival?

Ścieżki podróży blog prowadzą także na tradycyjne japońskie festiwalowe święto chłopców, which they celebrate on the day 5 May. At the entrance to the house, the parents hang a picture of the god Shoka, which is designed to protect the family from evil forces.
Just like girls, they put up dolls, to chłopcy umieszczają na schodkach nieduże samurai figurines, which are a symbol of courage and strength. However, the most characteristic elements of the festival, include kites fixed to the house and so freely flying, w kształcie karpi. Carp is a symbol of perseverance, because it flows upstream in mountain streams. Their number reflects the number of boys in the family.

By whom the holiday of shichigosan is celebrated?

Going on a trip to Japan in the month of November, we can see another traditional, dziecięce obchodzone tam święto shichigosan. Girls and boys from the age of three take part in it, as well as boys of five and girls of seven. Dressed in traditional kimono shrouded in beauty, together with their accompanying parents, come to the shrine, to pray and ask the deities for protection and support in the future.
Dear readers, Thank you for your attention and in my next trips I will tell you about the beautiful Japanese wedding ceremony. So be with us!