Tulips - a poetic image of nature

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Dear Readers, in today's travel blog, I invite you to an unforgettable journey through Europe to The Netherlands, a country whose beautiful symbol is tulipan. The flowery landscape creates a multicolored collage, and with its subtle beauty it enriches the interior and delights the eyes.

Keukenhof flower festival

Zatem będzie mowa o The Netherlands a dokładnie o święcie kwiatów zwanym w tutejszym języku Keukenhof.
Widok tak wielu różnokolorowych tulips tworzących prawdziwe kolorowe kobierce zachwyca nie tylko oczy ale jakże pozytywnie wpływa na postrzeganie świata, and it can be said to form a bond with him. However, this wonderful and picturesque garden of the world stretching between Amsterdam and The Hague can only be admired for a period of two months from 22 marked 20 May. So if any of you have the opportunity and time to come there, it is really worth it, because it is an unforgettable and creative experience.
When you see millions of flowers coming to life and emanating with their beauty, Ogród Kuchenny Jakobiny Bawarskiej zwany właśnie Keukenhof zostaje mianowany stolicą światowego piękna. Miłość z jaką obdarzają The Dutch kwiaty jest tak wielka że wszystkie cebulki tulips są sadzone ręcznie a z chwilą ich kwitnięcia jest ich aż 4,5 million and in 100 varieties!

Why exactly Tulips?

The second reason for their love was somewhat prosaic, because the presence of water in numerous canals simply put off its scent, dlatego sposobem na przywołanie miłych wrażeń było dotarcie do kraju tulips pochodzących z Turcji. Od tej pory wszyscy Holendrzy zgodnym chórem poparli ten pomysł a zarazem pokochali wdzięczne i kolorowe pola tulips.

Lilla and Orchid exhibition

In line with the paths of the travel blog, let's visit the world's largest Lilli and Orchid Exhibition with a thousand orchids blooming here. You can imagine how the air in this garden pavilion is saturated with the dense and strong scent of flowers, almost dizzy, or, more precisely, the olfactory organ.



A travel blog cannot omit an important element of the Dutch landscape in the form of numerous windmills that live in fraternal harmony with the sea of ​​flowers. Their reliable role with the practical use of wind power comes down to grinding grain, paint production, cutting boards as well as essential drying of soil. The latter task is assigned to them because of the country's situation, one in seven of which is depressed. In order not to fall into depression and to improve the "mood", the location of the country does not bother the youngest citizens who, thanks to this, can carefully and with inexhaustible energy collect the seashells carelessly resting on Dutch beaches.

Flowers, flowers ...

Reasumując dzisiejsze rozważania na blogu podróżniczym można wysnuć wniosek że naczelną cechą pejzażu The Netherlands są przebiegające kilometrami uprawy rośli cebulkowych, as in the color photo attached to the text. The country is a famous world exporter of cut flowers in which they are the leader: tulips, Roses, chrysanthemums, hiacynty, lily, orchids and orchids. Some of them excel in the role of stimulating the sense of smell and delight with their scent, reaching the perfume industry.. Rose petals, characterized by subtlety, are especially appreciated here, ethereal lilies or a rather strongly outlined note of the scent of hyacinths. Therefore, contact with nature in general has a very positive effect on our system, improves mood, triggers the production of the happiness hormones or endorphins, mutes, he calms down, inspires, and wandering with a travel blog also encourages you to visit these places and be able to experience deeper, experience these benefits.

Photo 1 shows a plantation of tulips beloved by the Dutch, which, like the windmills, are very meaningful, a picturesque and fragrant symbol of the Netherlands. The full bloom of flowers falls in April and May, which is truly a rich accent to the Dutch landscape.

Photo2 is of De Valk Windwill, which now houses a museum, and from the bird's eye view there is a picturesque panorama of the town of Leiden.