Visa and immigration system

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Visa and immigration system

There are five major immigration programs in Australia – educational emigration, professional, family, business and special.

ThinkAustralia specializes in the former – because an Australian education visa is by far the easiest to obtain, and at the same time allows you to start work immediately.

Types of educational visas:

Student visa, subclass 570 (for people who intend to participate only in English language courses)

Student visa, subclass 571 (for people intending to attend primary school, secondary and in the framework of international interschool exchange - secondary schools)

Student visa, subclass 572 (for people who intend to study on vocational courses-TAFE, College)

Student visa, subclass 573 (for people intending to study at universities - bachelor's and master's studies)

Student visa, subclass 574 (for people intending to study at universities - doctoral studies)

Student visa, subclass 575 (for people who intend to participate in various types of courses, upon completion of which you do not receive a diploma or certificate)

Student visa, subclass 576 (for those intending to attend courses sponsored by the Australian Government or the Australian Department of Defense)

Student Guardian visa, subclass 580 (for student tutors – people studying in Australia)

Tickets and travel to Australia

A flight to Australia is a flight to the other hemisphere, lasts at least 24 hours and is not the cheapest.

There are currently no direct connections with Australia from Poland – the most common flights are via London airports, Frankfurt or Paris. In addition, when flying from Europe, passengers change at one of the airports in Asia, most often in Hong Kong and Singapore.

The price of a round-trip ticket to Australia is an expense from 4 thousand zlotys, however, the distance to be covered is over ten times greater than between Warsaw and London – it's over 15 thousands of kilometers of flight.

What is important, You can come to Australia with only a one-way ticket – there is no formal order to have a return ticket.

Airline ticket prices can vary considerably in two main cases – the first is the period of high prices – around Christmas, During Easter and summer, tickets are significantly more expensive, another thing is time, for which we buy a ticket before departure – As a general rule, the earlier we buy a ticket, the less we pay.

In addition to the flight purchased in Poland, you can also check promotional prices for connections from Great Britain or Germany – it may be, that such a search of offers not only from Polish travel agencies will result in significant savings in the ticket price.