Padaung women

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Do you know, that the longest neck in Padaung women was as high as 30 cm!
About the UN appeal to the consciences of the Burmese and Thai authorities!

Dear Reader, hello! We will visit Asia again in the travel blog, because it is impossible not to get to know the women of the Padaung tribe living in Burma.

Undoubtedly, they owe their popularity to a certain tradition, thanks to which their necks are of exceptional length. Some aspects of their lives are similar to those of the Congo Pygmies. So let's get to know these extraordinary women better!


When the golden rim is put on, the neck is elongated with time.

So with our travel blog, we set out to meet the women of the Padaung tribe, living in Burma, which is adjacent to Thailand. These women stand out worn on necks made of brass with shiny hoops in diameter 1,5 cm, which make their necks lengthen over the years. Typically, a woman's neck length is 13 cm and a man 19 cm, but after procedures of lengthening it, it may be as high as 30 cm! It is a habit, which is passed down from generation to generation.

In the past, the final decision about when the hoop should be put on was made by a local shaman with a horoscope at his disposal and only when the girl turned five. Then the child's neck was covered with ointment and massaged for several hours, and then a soft pillow was placed on the nape of the neck and hoops were placed on it.

The child is never pressured by the parents to wear hoops, and when the first one is worn, five years must pass, and then the child makes a decision for himself whether he wants to continue wearing them. The replacement of the hoops takes place every ten years and is first preceded by prayer in the temple and gifts of flowers and fruit.

The hoops oppress their mark, they leave.

Wearing a hoop is not a simple art, it is a matter of habit and not so bothersome with time, and the awareness that they can be removed at any time is also important. This tradition, however has a negative effect on health, because the muscles and collarbones are lowered and the skin in these places is still struggling with chafing and bruising. In everyday life, it is a real challenge for Padaung women to wear hoops, because they make it difficult to tilt the head, and the movement is not so quick and spontaneous, which probably does not console temperamental women. The question of the number of cervical vertebrae remains the same, and despite the elongation of the neck, their number is still seven.

Legends say why women wear hoops.

The travel blog obtained information on several hypotheses, which explain the custom of women of the Padaung tribe to wear hoops. One of them preaches, that the hoops protect the inhabitants from the aggression of tigers, who choose the neck as the target of their attack, Another says that in the past, women converted valuable things, such as jewelry, into hoops so that they could wear them close to each other. The last hypothesis that had a romantic hint was about the king of Burma who was in love with the women of this tribe, and who, before leaving, ordered her to wear a hoop so that it would not arouse desire in men.

Houses on bamboo stilts to prevent intruder from entering.

The climate of Burma is hot and humid and to prevent chafing, the inhabitants use a pale yellow moisturizing cream called thanaka. The travel blog found out, that at the turn of June and October it is the monsum season, therefore, out of fear of flooding as well as animal attacks, residents build bamboo houses, they stand on two meters long bamboo stilts. The roofs of the houses are covered with bamboo leaves, teak wood or, less frequently, corrugated sheet is also included in the price. The marriages of Padaung women are monogamous, less frequently arranged and the same rules apply to the Congo Pygmies. There are strict restrictions, and in the event that the man is guilty of treason, he must leave the house and custody of the children is granted to the mother. Residents cultivate different faiths among them: Christians, Buddhists and those who are faithful to animistic beliefs, that is, the tree-dwelling spirits, mountains and rivers.

Long-necked women arouse curiosity and tourists come.

The women of the Padaung tribe share the same role in the rest of the world, including the Congo Pygmies, the valuable role of mother and housekeeper.. They take care of the house, they look after the offspring as well as weave colorful tapestries and handbags. These sites are also visited by tourists who eagerly buy these souvenirs as well as ask women from the Padaung tribe for a joint photo. Initially, the Burmese authorities they sought to abolish this tradition of being a tourist "attraction", however, the profitability of this venture prevailed. They also went so far as to build a demonstration village of national minorities, where women have been displaced, watched over and shown to tourists. Some of them, in order to live normally again, decided to flee to Thailand, but this freedom was illusory and apparent, because there is no job waiting for them here, they are not allowed to move freely and travel to countries such as Finland or New Zealand, who offered them jobs and housing. United Nations (OUR) in year 2008 she called on the Thai authorities to release the women of the Padaung tribe and not forcing them to be a tourist attraction. This controversial tradition causes a number of health problems and damages human dignity, but women submit to it voluntarily, hoping to improve their living conditions and educate their children.

In today's perfume corner we will get to know ... agar

Agar grows in Southeast Asia- it is the valuable wood of the aloe tree of the laurel species. Its interior is powered by an aromatic resin as well as a large amount of essential oils that are used to create cosmetics with relaxing properties.. These areas also contain citron or cedrate, and under this interesting name that is associated with lemon, there is also a citrus fruit. For the production of perfumes, its variety is obtained, which was called "Buddha's hand" due to the long growths of the fruit that resemble a human hand.

Dear Reader, thank you very much for today's meeting, and I kindly invite you to another visit on the pages of my travel blog!

Kobiety z plemienia Padaung

Padaung women

Padaung women

Kobiety z plemienia Padaung

Padaung women

Comment to the attached photos.
These photos show women from the Padaung tribe, which, according to the accepted tradition and remaining faithful to it, have shiny hoops on their necks. So we see, that in every corner of the world there are different traditions thanks to which the world becomes diverse both in terms of colors and the uniqueness of the habits passed on.